[PHOTOS] 150426 Junsu – Death Note Musical Facebook Update

#‎Musical‬ ‪#‎DeathNote (Opening on 20th June! @Seongnam Arts Center Opera House)

On 29th April, the first Death Note Musical ticket sales will begin.
Did you remember?! 🙂

Tomorrow on the 27th, Monday afternoon-
We will be releasing the MV of Junsu as ‘L’!

There will also be MV for ‘Misa’ Jung Sun Ah and ‘Light’ Hong Kwangho in the future
공개될 예정이오니 많은 기대,응원 부탁드립니다!! 🙂

Credits: Death Note Musical FB
Translated by: li-an
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[NEWS] 150211 JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) has been confirmed to make a comeback on March 3

His agency C-JeS Entertainment stated on the 11th, “Junsu will release his 3rd solo album on March 3, and kick off his Asia tour in Osaka afterwards.”

Junsu was said to have came up with the idea for the overall jacket concept, impressing the staff with his artistic creativity. As hinted by the eerie teaser images, Junsu is getting ready to show a transformation as a maturing artist, just like a ‘flower’ that blooms in its beauty.

Stay tuned for more details!


Credit: allkpop

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[VIDEO] XIA JUNSU “UNCOMMITTED” Teaser version 1 & 2

Watch the First MV Teaser for Kim Junsu’s ‘Uncommitted’

The first music video teaser for Kim Junsu’s Uncommitted was released on August 14 on YouTube.

Despite being a short video, the teaser is already showing explosive popularity with netizens commenting on the charisma between Kim Junsu and the unidentified girl with him, as well as his smooth vocals in the track.

The video’s description says, “This music video is showing delicate feelings of a man who swears he′d love only one girl. In this first MV teaser, you can see what “UNCOMMITTED”means through actor′s eyes. He(XIA) thinks about another girl even he is with his girl friend.. she just wants to believe his pure love. Who is “UNCOMMITTED” in this music video? Is she saying this word to him? Or Is he saying this word to himself? “


C-Jes Entertainment shared upon the upcoming second teaser saying, “The first teaser showed the song’s feel and a visual to reflect it and the upcoming second teaser will show a wide range of cuts to preview the music video’s story in a 40 second video.”

The music video for Uncommitted drops on August 17.

Watch the short first teaser below!

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