150424 Jaejoong Sent letters to His Spy and Triangle Leading Ladies

Baek Jin Hee (Triangle Leading Lady) shared a letter from Jaejoong:

[Trans]: Pit a pat/Thump Thump/Heartbeat sound.

The letter is addressed as from “#1 Trainee Kim Jaejoong”

(Note: Jaejoong’s assigned number in his squad is No.1)


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Credit and Translated by: Jinibeak, krnangel621, crystalmoon64

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[TRANS] 150127 Harper’s Bazaar Interview – The Prejudices And Jokes Of Kim Jaejoong

Kim Jaejoong’s jokes have a slightly serious side to them. A man whose free disposition and willingness to sacrifice shines. We met with Kim Jaejoong, whose charm we can relate to and who makes unpredictable risks for a living.

When the photoshoot for the second cut was over, Kim Jaejoong jokingly said that he felt like he could use a drink just then. January 8th, the day of the photoshoot, was the day before the first episode of the KBS drama ‘Spy’, which was Kim Jaejoong’s first drama in a year and a half since ‘Triangle’, would air. He said that he would be meeting with the other cast members to watch the first episode together, and added that it would be nice to have a drink together as well. Although we’re sure that every production is special, we feel as though ‘Spy’ is especially meaningful to Kim Jaejoong. Not only is it the first miniseries to be aired on a Friday, but it is also the first production that has him leading the entire story as a frontrunner, rather than as a ‘supporting character-like main character’. A mother who hid the fact that she used to be a spy, an old co-worker who comes looking for her, and a son who hides the fact that he works at the National Intelligence Service (NIS) from his family. In this drama that is buried under layer upon layer of secrets, Kim Jaejoong plays the role of ‘Kim Seon Woo’, the son who lies at the center of all conflicts and secrets. He faces the dilemma of not only fooling his mother who is a spy, but also chasing her down as well. “When I first saw the script for the drama, I knew it was going to be amazing. I thought it was interesting that this drama started off with everything already established while most dramas take the time to progress slowly from step 1 to 10. Instead of feeling like fillers, each episode read like a movie in itself, full of suspense and tension. I listened to what the other cast members who were already confirmed to appear in the drama had to say, and I knew I had to join them.”

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