150424 Jaejoong Sent letters to His Spy and Triangle Leading Ladies

Baek Jin Hee (Triangle Leading Lady) shared a letter from Jaejoong:

[Trans]: Pit a pat/Thump Thump/Heartbeat sound.

The letter is addressed as from “#1 Trainee Kim Jaejoong”

(Note: Jaejoong’s assigned number in his squad is No.1)


<<Go Sung Hee posted on her IG>>





Credit and Translated by: Jinibeak, krnangel621, crystalmoon64

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[TRANS] 150206 [JYJ Japan] March 2015, Kim Jaejoong’s last Korean event before enlistment has been decided

Hello. This is JYJ Japan Official Website.

This coming March, Jaejoong’s event in Korea has been decided.
It’s titled 「All of Jaejoong」.
This event will be the last event before enlistment, it will be Jaejoong’s last greetings to all Japanese fans.

The detailed schedule, more information will be available once it is determined.

Please wait for now ^^


Credits: JYJ Japan
Translated by: Evy901
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