[TRANS] 140310 TVXQ – MBC FM4U with Kim Shinyoung


  • Changmin said he received a letter from a middle school student while filming Mimi. The letter said “oppa I love you” but at the end of the letter, the letter said “But it seems like I will not be loving only you forever.”
  • Changmin said that he is 70kg now (compared to his profile 7 years ago at 61kg). Yunho is 74kg now.
  • Yunho isn’t satisfied with his hands coz there are calluses and he says that his chest is bigger than usual men even if he does not work out
  • Changmin says that his complex is – although he is tall, his hands are small (smaller than Yunho’s)
  • Kim Shin Young said that she is envious because Changmin’s only complex is small hands.
  • Yunho says they have put on weight because they have more muscles now
  • Changmin memorizes dances faster. Yunho says that if he has not danced for a long time, he will dance in the opposite direction.
  • Changmin said that it doesn’t feel great when Yunho alone makes a mistake in the dance direction, because Yunho looks cooler that way
  • Both of them said that variety is difficult for them. Yunho said that they appeared on variety shows when they were younger and he was always full of energy and vigour
  • Q: amongst the juniors (not including those from SM), whose dance choreo is the best recently? \\ Changmin said that he was just discussing this with Yunho yesterday, and feel that it’s Sunmi’s Full Moon. Yunho says that the whole concept of the dance is unique and great. They also said that when Sunmi came by to greet them, she said very earnestly that she was a Cassiopeia in the past.
  • when Changmin was translating Yunho’s Japanese to Korean, Kim Shin Young said that Yunho was going on for a long time but Chamgmin’s translation was pretty short. Changmin said “Ah, he says too many irrelevant stuff, so I deleted / filtered all of that out”



  • Changmin talks about lyrics of Heaven’s Day!! lol… DJ asks whether he has seen “those” alot at night lol
  • Yunho’s favorite choreography point is Something’s mike line dance
  • Yunho was confused whether it’s Tony Testa or Tony Chesta lol he asked Changminin a cute manner!
  • Changmin used to learn choreography faster back in the day. Nowadays, they learn about the same rate
  • TVXQ’s current favorite choreography is Sunmi’s Full Moon
  • While TVXQ participated in many genres in the business, they find “variety” the hardest.


  • yunho doing his introduction like how he did 10 years ago!
  • “Hello I’m TVXQ’s makkdeongi, Choikang Changmin” LMAO
  • This Japanese fan who said that she’s in Fukuoka right now and she’d like to say that TVXQ is amazingly popular in Japan
  • Yunho is saying his message to the Japanese fans and Changmin is translating his message to korean
  • Shinyoung is asking if Changmin’s profile about his height and weight is real, Changmin said that profile was last updated 7 years ago LOL
  • Changmin is 70kg now and Yunho is 74kg now too! Healthy boys
  • Yunho said when he doesn’t exercise, it becomes a big problem (weight-wise)
  • Changmin’s height is 186cm, weight is 69-70kg. Yunho’s height is 184cm, weight is 74kg. Yunho’s complex is hand and his breast
  • Yunho said his complex is his breast and when he doesn’t exercise, it’s a big problem
  • Changmin said that his complex is his small hands. Yunho said Changmin’s hands are cute.
  • Changmin introduced “Heaven’s day” as a profession of love. Yunho said it’s Changmin’s solo song.
  • Yunho said that the mic props are Tony Chesta’s idea. And then he said “Testa? Chesta?”
  • When asked who learns the choreography faster, Yunho said it used to be Changmin. Now, they learn it at the same rate.
  • Shinyoung asked which of their hoobaes dance well, among their company? Yunho said Sunmi does.
  • They mentioned that Sunmi told them that she is a cassiopeia. Shinyoung asked Yunho & Changmin to list celebrities that are in their fanclub
  • Changmin was so embarrassed saying “what is this?!?!” and Yunho proceeded to think and they started listing
  • Shinyoung helped Yunho and said “Girl’s Day’s Minah?” and Yunho said yes. Bestie’s member, EXO’s Xiumin..
  • Celebrity Cassiopeia as mentioned by Yunho: Sunmi, Dalshabet’s Woohee, Girl’s Day’s Minah, Bestie’s one member, EXO’s Xiumin and Chen,etc
  • Shinyoung watched Yawang religiously!
  • Awwww. Last song is Yunho’s November with Love

Credits: As tagged + saebeuk + kokayz@lj
Translated by: mug_ping + yunjaery + sehunownsme + WorldMaxified
Shared by: DBSKnights, eternally5


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