[NEWS] 140305 Kim Hyunjoong Vs Park Yoochun, These Two Handsome Singers Go Head To Head With Acting

Kim Hyunjoong Vs Park Yoochun, These Two Handsome Singers Go Head To Head With Acting
(Photo : Donga)

Kim Hyunjoong and Park Yoochun will be battling it out with their acting skills.

SBS miniseries “Three Days” starring Park Yoochun will air its first episode on March 5th. KBS2 drama “Inspiring Generation” will star Kim Hyunjoong. These two have gone up against each other in their respective groups SS501 and JYJ, but this time they’ll face each other on television. These two had also previously shown their acting transformation through “Boys Over Flowers” and “Sungkyunkwang Scandal.” Kim Hyunjoong and Park Yoochun will shed their singer identity and flower boy images, and compete as actors.

Both Kim Hyunjoong and Park Yoochun have title roles in their respective dramas. “Inspiring Generation” has already surpassed its halfway mark, and Kim Hyunjoong recorded a 10% viewership rating. The story is set in the 1930s, and draws the story of men in Korea, China, and Japan. The drama appeals to male viewers in their 30s to their 50s. To add to that Kim Hyunjoong’s improved acting skills, as well as female actresses Im Soo Hwang and Jin Se Yeon’s emotional acting add to the story line, and appeal to the female audience as well.

“Three Days,” which is waiting for its first broadcast, may also pique the interest of male viewers with its bodyguard story. Viewers are also looking forward to So Yi Hyun and Park Ha Sun’s acting. Since the previous drama in this timeslot, “You Who Came from the Stars,” recorded such high numbers, “Three Days” is expected to be strong competition against “Inspiring Generation”.

Starting from this week’s broadcast, “Inspiring Generation” will take place in Shanghai. “Three Days” is the story of the president’s assassination across three days, and will illuminate the lives of bodyguards in this fast-paced story, which is sure to grab the viewers’ attention.

Credits: kpopstarz.com

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