[FANACC] 140301 TVXQ – MBC Music Core Pre-recording

  • At MBC for MuCore check in. Looks like 500+ ppl today. pic.twitter.com/5fexET7wLY
  • Its so early *.* Its 5:30 am KST. SM Staff are here giving out official numbers rn
  • Wow~ they’re already letting us into the studio
  • Going into the studio now! ^^
  • Finally done with the prerec. Being held hostage for other groups now so I’ll tweet now while they’re changing sets.
  • Prerec took 1 hr 40 min. 14 takes– only 2 were full run-throughs. 1 rehearsal.
  • The dancers were SEXY! Fishnets. Red leather, fingerless gloves. Black spandex. Lots of skin. Is this what theyre wearing n 2nd MV? Damn..
  • Set was very bright. Lit up poker cards, some with HoMin pics, with lit up white boxes arnd the stage. TVXQ black & red cards on LED bckgrnd
  • BOYS IN JEAN OUTFITS. Both wearing ripped jeans, white button down, black tie, boots, & green plaid vests. SEXY~
  • I love the boys in suits but I think I prefer them in jeans. Is this just me?
  • SM staff just told us to take out our phones & stream the #동방신기 and #수리수리 mv.
  • While talking w Jaewon & MBC PD, YH leaned on the table & it stuck his butt out. So ofc we scream. YH realizes & turns arnd to sit on table
  • First rehearsal. Beginning into 1st chorus
  • Cameraman told CM something. He cldnt hear so the cameraman leaned over & said smthing in his ear. Then CM said Yes~ & gave ok sign
  • Then Jaewon, MBC PD, cameraman, & boys then had a discussion about the 1st take & positions
  • All of a sudden #수리수리 started playing & quickly cut off. But #동방신기 YH finished the lyric “수수리사바” Susurisaba!
  • YH said smthing like wow! so many fans came so early! Then a fan asked if he ate & YH said yes.
  • Then YH walked arnd singing parts of #수리수리 like “At that time I was so young” and adlibbed diff notes like oh~~
  • Yunho then blew bubbles as vocal exercise and saying ah~ and singing hi & low, high & low. He sounded so good *.*
  • CM said something to Jaewon and JW laughed hard out loud ^^
  • CM and Jaewon were at the table picking which #수리수리 card #동방신기 CM should use in his solo dance.
  • Jaewon picked a card that made CM laugh out loud– shoulders shaking, leaning on the table laughing.
  • Then CM picked 2 cards then went to standing & asked them which 1 he shld use. Then JW came over wiith a card & everyone picked that one =D
  • YH continued to warm up while the camera staff got ready. Then he said “Ah, morning” then contd to sing & do vocal exercises
  • Jaewon then came back on stage & conferred with them about stage positions. CM practiced his card part in front of the camera
  • Finally everyone was ready for take 1, so YH said/sang “Oh~Kaaay~” in English ^^
  • CM was standing by the table w his back to us so YH lightly grabbed his wrist so they could greet us. ^^
  • They had one more camera rehearsal. At 1 pt, YH had to go arnd & behind the camera, out of frame. But he had to jump over the camera cord
  • After the rehearsal, a dancer was carrying a chair back on stage. CM teased her by asking what she was doing & copied the way she held the chair
  • At the beginning of every take, the dancers and CM would pick up and rearrange all the cards for the beginning part.
  • Everyone was ready for take 1 by when they played the track, it was skipping and had to cut. Cutie YH then imitated it “susu riri susu” Haha
  • Finally take 1. Beginning through 1st chorus into individual sections.
  • While YH danced his solo part on the table, CM took 1 of the chairs offstage & then ran back to his mark
  • CM didnt do the card part right & needed to redo the take. Boys breathing hard. CM walked off stage w his arm slung arnd JWs shoulder ^^
  • Take 2. Also beginning into individ sections. CM breathing hard. Still didnt do the card part the way the PD wanted
  • Take 3. Beginnng into individ sections. Gave CM more cards to throw for more impact. Good take ^^
  • Jaewon came back on stage & patted YHs back & squeezed his shoulder
  • When the boys came back on stage, YH pumped himself up by saying Aja aja! Fighting! CM pumped his fist in the air. We all yelled FIGHTING! ♡
  • Then fans yelled to tell YH that half of his shirt collar was untucked. He looked down & fixed it. Cassies are the best
  • By take 3, the fanchants were finally strong and we were together.
  • Takes 4~6 were of YHs solo part with the 3 girls.
  • CM came on stage to do his solo part but PD needed more time so CM squeezed YHs shoulder in support before walking off stage together
  • Take 7 was of CM solo with th girls holding trumpets. YH was a th front of the stage to join in for the chorus.
  • CM messed up (I think he dropped the card) but he laughed & made an X with his arms
  • Take 8 was also CMs trumpet scene. YH then walked around to the front of the stage. Then nodded & waved to the fans in the sitting section.
  • Take 9 was the 2nd chorus thru to the end. CM totally rocked the fly baby swing choreo. =)
  • YH then talked with the cameraman insisting that the camera should be at the center to line up with their positions durng the choreo
  • YH talked to the Bestie male fans who were held hostage for our prerec. He said that bc they werent cheering it was taking away their energy
  • Yunho imitated the way the guys were leaning back in their chairs with arms crossed. He then asked that they cheer for TVXQ & then bowed
  • Take 10 same as take 9. 2nd chorus~end. After YHs talk, some of the guys clapped to the beat & applauded the boys at the end of the take
  • After take 10, CM immediately headed backstage. YH sat on the cooling down with long deep breaths
  • Jaewon then came on stage & asked the boys to be sharper in a particular mov for the fly baby part of he choreo
  • When the boys came back on stage, YH clasped hands with the MBC PD and they walked on stage holding hands.
  • YH pumped himself up again by yelling Aja! We yelled FIGHTING!
  • Take 11 was the same. 2nd chorus~ end. After the take, CM went to the front of the stage & made an ok sign, asking if theyre done. Not yet~
  • CM went bckstge & YH went to the front stage & said thank you. Then he talked to th male fan section again.
  • YH thanked the male Bestie fans for cheering for them. He then hit his fis against his heart then pointed to the male fan sect. Very manly~
  • PD then asked us to wave our baloons for the last few takes. YH then told the male fans that they can cheer loudly with their deep voices
  • YH then showed them how to cheer & the male fans copied him. Then YH said “Oh! You guys are good!”
  • Then one of the Bestie male fans yelled that CM is handsome. CM pumped his fist in the air looking very happy.
  • SM staff gave the Bestie male fans red balloons so the could cheer for our boys
  • Take 12 was a full run-through with th boom camera. This was the best take. Dancing was sharp, perfect facial expressions, etc
  • During take 12, YH was so cute and adlibbed his dance & facial expressions when he wasn being filmed for his singing parts
  • After take 12, YH thanked everyone for cheering and said that the male Bestie fans were daebak!
  • YH then asked the guys who`s fans they are, they replied “Dong Bang Shin Ki!!!” We laughed & cheered. YH cldnt hear so he was like “who?” ^^
  • Then CM runs from bckstge, puts his hand on YHs shoulder, stands on one leg with the other bent in the air, & whispers the answer in YHs ear
  • Then CM ran away again. But YH still didnt hear who it was, so the fans in standng told him they were Bestie’s fans
  • YH thanked everyone for cheering then said that hes really thankful to Bestie’s fans for their cheers/support
  • While off stage getting sweat wiped off, YH said that the fans were welcome to join the 동방신기 fanclub
  • Yunho did a good job of trying to get them to join the fanclub. He said that TVXQs male fans hv been growing & said smthng about benefits =)
  • Then 1 of the male fans screamed out “SEXY!” to Yunho ^____^
  • Take 13 was another full run-through with the boom camera. Afterward, CM was breathing so hard & leaning against 1 of the boxes on set. =((
  • When the PD called for 1 more, CM went to sit on the stairs while a coordi brought out an electric fan to blow air on CM =(((
  • The PD & cameraman were confirming something with YH then all of a sudden he said “Okay! Cool!” in English.
  • This was the last take (14). At first, the PD said CM wasnt in the shot & he was so happy. He was chilling feeling like he was healing…
  • Turns out they wanted CM in the scene. YH yelled out Changmin-shii. Cassies were like “Changmin-SHII??” Then YH changed it to Changmin-ah.
  • Take 14 was of CMs part into YHs dancing on the table. Then PD called ok!
  • Boys came to the front of the stage & thanked us & the Bestie male fans. Double hand waves from both boys
  • Yunho also did “We are…” T!!!!!!
  • As they walked off stage, CM looked at my section & gave th cutest expression & pumped both fists n the air like “Yes! We’re finally done!”
  • Boys were so cute today. You cld tell they were tired but still in good spirits. Im glad they finished the recording well.


  • Was Changmin in charge of the cards? Every time filming ended,he would be busy picking up the cards ha [cr:0206yhken]
  • TVXQ thanked the fans for coming so early in the morning. The fans asked if they had eaten, they said that they had eaten but didn’t sleep ㅠㅠ Yunho said that he slept for about an hour [cr: Banb_d ]
  • In the midst of filming, TVXQ was practising their song ㅋㅋㅋ A girl group’s male fans came in for the recording too, Yunho asked them to cheer for TVXQ too ㅋㅋㅋ [cr: Banb_d ]
  • Yunho then said because the male fans were in the middle, if they were just sitting quietly, his srength would be gone by around 0.25% ㅋㅋㅋㅋ After that, the male fans even waved the Cassiopeia balloons and cheered loudly ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yunho also thanked them. Yunho was talking and then went “The year of the tiger? Are you perhaps same age as me?” It can’t be right?” and then he disappeared. [cr: Banb_d ]
  • Yunho also told those male fans that TVXQ also has some male fans ㅋㅋㅋ and went on about how male fans of TVXQ even have discounts privileges ㅋㅋㅋ [cr: Banb_d ]
  • TVXQ also directed the cameras saying “the camera shouldn’t be that, it needs to be shooting from here”, and even explained the camera work. [cr: Banb_d ]
  • Regarding the male fans, Changmin also said, “I’m just like you guys, I like girl groups!” [cr: Banb_d ]
  • Yunho led the atmosphere and even spoke to the male fans (of other groups) who were folding their arms and sitting down in a friendly manner. He also initiated them to cheer and the male fans eventually even waved the Cassiopeia balloons to cheer for them [cr: 0206yhken ]
  • Yunho praised the male fans for cheering. Cassies:what about us??! Yunho:Our fans are members of us!!! [cr:whiteline26]
  • Yunho told the male fans (of other girl groups) that if they cheer hard, it will become a source of strength for TVXQ. The male fans then went “U-Know hyung, you’re sexy! Changmin hyung, you’re handsome!” [cr: tvxqtohoeternal]
  • Almost at the end of the recording, Yunho asked the male fans which girl group they are a fan of, but he didn’t seem to hear properly. Changmin, who was at one side wiping off his perspiration, quickly ran over and whispered to Yunho, “Bestie” [cr: tvxqtohoeternal]
  • Yunho said that he had to then convey his thanks to Bestie and also expressed his gratitude to the male fans hahaha. He said to the male fans to join TVXQ’s fanclub and that TVXQ had more male fans than TVXQ’s own fans thought, and advertised that there will be discount privileges for fans haha [cr: tvxqtohoeternal]
  • Changmin was choosing a card and showed the fans 2 cards and asked them which one is better. Shim Jae Won ssi then took a different card and said “this one!” [cr: tvxqtohoeternal]
  • At the end Changmin was happy when he said that the particular scene didn’t need to film him and he sat down at the end of the stage. Yunho went, “Changmin-ssi, Changmin ah!! We need you!” [cr: 0206yhken ]
  • The male fans went “Changminnie hyung is more handsome~!!” and Changmin had a satisfied expression on his face [cr: DA_GY1226]
  • Yunho looked at his own hair and went “Don’t I look like an idol?” ㅋㅋㅋ [cr: 0206yhken ]
Credits: As tagged + figmagination
Translated by: mug_ping
Shared by: DBSKnights + eternally5

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