[TRANS] 140228 Moon Ga Young talks about Changmin in her interview

“Mimi” Moon Ga Young “Max Changmin, who is 8 years older than me, is sensitive about the age gap”

*only Changmin-related parts translated

Moon Ga Young explained the consideration of Max Changmin: “The chemistry with Changmin oppa was really good. Before the filming, we met often and he led me well, while we discussed about this and that and tried out certain things, we went through with the filming without any issues. Even for style (working style), oppa adjusted and matched with me so it was comfortable”.

There is also no problem with labelling Moon Ga Young, who is under SM C&C, and Max Changmin, who is under SM Entertainment, as family from the same company. However, Moon Ga Young said that the drama was the first time she had seen Max Changmin. MGY: “I didn’t really have any work which requires me to encounter Changmin oppa. I met him for the first time through the production. We met each other without knowing about the existence of the other.”

About chemistry with Changmin, MGY: “Oppa is a famous singer, so it was great to have a story about first love in the drama with him. However, I became worried that it would be difficult to get close to him because he was pretty famous. The director kept saying, “It would be great if both of you can get close quickly”. So I carried some pressure with me when I met with him, but oppa first asked about this and that so we got close quickly.”

Max Changmin (27) and Moon Ga Young (19) have a real-life age gap of 8 years. However, for their ages in the drama, Moon Ga Young appeared as a character who was 1 year older than Max Changmin. They have to paint a loveline, and MGY was asked if this caused a problem. MGY: “I didn’t really feel any age difference with Changmin oppa. Because when oppa wore the school uniform, he fitted very well in it so I really didn’t feel it. However, oppa was sensitive about the age difference. He kept going around and telling the people around him, “We are 8 years apart”. I really couldn’t feel the age gap. Oppa treated me well just like his younger sibling.”

About the kiss scene, MGY: “For the kiss scene, compared to being worried when we were going to film the kiss scene, my worries about the aftermath were big. Although I wasn’t worried when we actually were going to shoot the scene, I became worried that we might become awkward after that. However, it went through smoothly. Changmin oppa also felt the same way, and I think it is a huge relief that the kiss scene came out prettily.”



MGY on Changmin: “He apologised a lot.”

MGY: “I don’t have a lot of dialogue. Compared to me, Changmin oppa was even more so (ie had even lesser dialogue). This is why I think it is even more difficult when we are acting. But even so, Changmin oppa was always saying sorry to me. Because seeing that my character is a spirit, we aren’t able to communicate with each other, isn’t it? If we have dialogue (with each other), it would have been fun to banter back and forth, but because we only gazed at each other, Changmin felt some regret about that. Although he kept saying that he was sorry that we could not act together (because of lack of dialogue with each other), even just by meeting each other eyes, it became a source of strength for me.”

MGY also said that after her move to SM C&C, there are also increased opportunities to meet with singers who are on a similar wavelength with her. MGY: “It was fascinating, and enjoyable. Because there are many encounters with the idol friends, it also felt great to see them. It was also great to be able to act together with Changmin oppa. I was worried about ho the fans would see me, but I felt very thankful to the fans for even looking after me. (smile)”

Source: Newsen + StarIn
Translated by: mug_ping 1,2
Shared by: DBSKnights
Re-shared by: eternally5

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