[TWITTER UPDATE] Compilation of Junsu’s Twitter Update


Junsu: Sungtae hyung..I’m b for today and..hyung is c.. Sorry .. It couldn’t be helped..ke *sticks out tongue* ㅜㅜ


Bigbellart: Junsu yah you shouldn’t be like that.. You shouldn’t be calling someone else’s wife’s name at the end kekeke Thank you for making me laugh so much kekekeke (T/N: Junsu made a mistake in 140123 ‘December’ by calling the wrong name instead of the female lead’s name)

Junsu: Hyung..Today the audiences constantly wanted to see hyung getting a divorce..All of them wanted so at that time.. Sorry..ㅜㅋㅋ

Bigbellart: Angry.. Is it worth doing so kekekeke You don’t know how much I suffer to live during that long period because of Yeoil? kekeke

Junsu: She was calling out for me constantly during the samgyeopsal scene today..I think I’m being seduced by her..Sorry..for being such a man..ㅜ

Junsu: Ah! And Lee Yeon didn’t want herself to be like that today..She didn’t want to be so sloppy..But cooly..Kekeke..;;;;

Junsu: Beast’s Gikwangie and Dongwoonie who came all the way to
Sejong to watch December despite being so busy! Thank u~^^

Gikwang: Junsu hyung December. It’s the best. Everyone must watch it. Hyung, I’m a fan….♡

Dongwoon: @1215thexiahtic Hyung, thank you for putting up a great performanceㅠㅠㅠIt was a delight to the ears hearing ‘December’ in LIVE, you’ve worked hard!!!^^

Junsu: @beastdw You definitely will come with Gikwangie every time once I have performance..Thank you Dongwoonie! Hyung will also go watch yours if you do musical!!^^ For sure

poimin73: @1215thexiahtic I’m going on Tuesday too keke Wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Junsu: @poimin73 Tuesday? Oh oh oh ock!

poimin73: @1215thexiahtic Yes keke You didn’t know hyung is going??? keke

Junsu: @poimin73 Oh I didn’t know hehe Let’s faster meet hyung! Heh

poimin73: @1215thexiahtic Ha-ack !!!!!!!!!! ㅠㅠ

Junsu: @poimin73 I asked the manager..He said it was a secret kekeke

Junsu: Today is the day I have debuted for 4 years as a musical actor. Really 4 years ago today, the Sejong stage which I stood on was where I really began my first step with anxiety, today as compared to other days, standing on that stage and sing is a more special day for me~I’ll work harder
Junsu: @poimin73 I was able to gain more courage because I was able to do it together with hyung at that first performance venue! Thank you so much hehJunsu: @poimin73 Thanks to hyung that I was able to get closer to the musical actors even fasterㅜ Thank you hyung~!!!!

Junsu: @BM_actor Always thankful hyung~!!! The mental pillar of our ‘December’ ke


Gikwang: @1215thexiahtic Hyung~-~ Hwaitingtingting for today too~~~~!!!!^-^~~

Junsu: @B2stGK Gikwangie~~Hwaitaengtaengtaengtaendtaeng (hwaiting)!!!!!!!^^

Source: Junsu’s Twitter (@1215thexiahtic)
Translated by: Shinkipeia
Shared by: DBSKnights
re-shared by: eternally5

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