[TRANS] 140127 JYJ Jaejoong Exclusive Interview with BNTNews Japan

Q1: What is your impression after holding Live concerts in Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya?

Jaejoong: I had a feeling that it looked like mini national tour concert. I’m very thankful to all people those who came to support my solo concert. Beloved Fans told to me: “I’m your Fan” and I want to tell you guys back that “I’m your Fan”.

Q2: Are there any differences between JYJ concert and solo concert?

Jaejoong: When we perform as JYJ, all three of us hold distinct colors respectively along with plus color that only JYJ possesses so everyone can see 4 colors in total. This time, I mostly concentrate on rock style, that’s why there is no dancer members at all. Although choreography is not included, I still could arouse atmosphere with simple motions like jumping. By the way, the mood is different, right?

Q3: What is your favorite song in all songs performed in Live concert? 

Jaejoong: I like Glamorous Sky (Nakashima Mika) and Ultra Soul (B’Z) even though these songs are not composed by myself. That two songs are very popular in Japan from the past but people’s responses are different when they hear the intro. And, these songs are also introduced on the stage as well so that even though I don’t put much more effort, the mood is still very great(laugh)

P/S: Jaejoong means Glamorous sky and Ultra Soul are very popular in Japan, most of Japanese knew it, felt it already so it’s still good on the stage when people listen to it whether it’s sang by him well or not.

Q4: What is the concept of stage outfit for concert this time? 

Jaejoong: the concept is “Let’s drop sweat” One jacket with simple garment. Everyone has to prepare fixed costume I proposed in advance, our concept tends to be “Everyone is pleasant, too”. In other words, people’s responses are also considered as a production as well.

Q5: Jaejoong set up dress code for each concerts, Fans will come to venue following that fixed theme. So are there any meanings inserted in dress code?

Jaejoong: Because JYJ’s Fans might not get used to rock style so I hope everyone to hold their own confidence. They could keep confidence, be familiar with it and be able to dance earnestly as seeing there are a lot of people wearing the same outfit surrounding them. If everything was lively aroused surrounding like that, you would find it easy to dance by yourself.

Q6: How do you manage your “condition” before concert? 

Jaejoong: Let it be natural. I try not to care much about it. Even though my health condition gets very bad, I will convince myself that “No, it’s good”. If I don’t ignore such kind of bad feeling, it would cause opposite effect. Then, I don’t eat too much before concert. As usual, I could eat 30 to 40 Nagoya Chicken Wings but this time I only eat 2 of them. “Take care of myself” is very important keyword for Jaejoong.

Q7: Can you share about chance to collaborate with Gummy-ssi for new song “HEAVEN” 

Jaejoong: Because “Heaven” came out after my first album was released so we decided to change song lyrics a bit, record it, and then, inserted to repackage album. Gummy-ssi and I belong to the same entertainment company and both of us love singing. In spite of a male, there has slender part in my slight voice a bit while Gummy-ssi is female but she possesses strength in voice like male. That’s why I thought it would be suitable point if both of us sing together.

“HEAVEN” is a lovely ballad song, our mood is mixed together even standing on the stage, we’re going to complete up to nice number like breathing comes out unintentionally. There is no denying I would like to experience extravagant collaboration for this album. And, there is surprise thing included on the set list songs is that “Keshou” of Nakashima Miyuki-san will be put in.

Q8: What kind of motive was you supposed to pick up?

Jaejoong: I’m intend to sing my favorite song when Asia Tour gets start. I selected “Keshou” while seeking for Japanese songs because I want to sing a song heading to women’s heart not a rock style anymore so I thought all emotion I need had been put into this song already. The lyrics of “Keshou” has some parts sharing the same feeling with me, it also speak out bitter pain and bewilderment like what I experienced before.

Q9: Are you still collaborating with Takuro-ssi of GLAY in composing music?

Jaejoong: Originally, Takuro-san’s wife is addicted to our music for a long time. It seems like she has been listening to our songs from the past. To be honest, the first impetus came up from this.

Q10: What’s your hobby recently?

Jaejoong: From now on, I think I’m going to do exercise to gain MUSCLES back. My body had muscles before but now I’m too thin and I need some drilling.

Q11: What’s your favorite Japanese food recently?

Jaejoong: I like Obento in Konbini. Japanese Obento in Konbini is the most delicious one in the world. (Konbini is convenience store in Japan)hamburger and salmon are very good, too. It’s greatly awesome to see these commercial of brand-new Obento types before going to sleep.

Q12: At last, what kind of image do you want to bring on the stage? Let hear his message sending to J-Fans.

Jaejoong: I’m going forward to rock style so I imagined that “I’m a narcissist” and I want to show that image to everyone, even though I’m just a normal man when stepping down from the stage.

(Irrelevant parts were omitted)

Source: BNTNews Japan
Translated by: Pearls_purple
Shared by: DBSKnights
re-shared by: eternally5

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