[FANACC] 140126 TVXQ – SBS Inkigayo Pre-recording & TENSE Fansign Event

SBS Inkigayo pre-recording


  • About 400 fans here for 2pm check in. Post recording for Inkigayo ^^pic.twitter.com/ffTQ678VBw
  • Inki post rec took 1 rehearsal, 4 takes & lasted about 55 minutes
  • The set had pink boxes/squares on the LED bckgrnd screen with big spotlights on the stage
  • Boys were so hot today w their chocolate brown pinstripe 3-piece suit w lavender kerchief in the left pocket.
  • YH had a green paisley tie and CM had a red/orange paisley tie.
  • Dancers were wearing the blue coat with grey tophat like in the MV
  • During rehearsal, CM grabbed his right jacket lapel when he said watch out instead of pointing with his fingers
  • During rehearsal~ After YHs hop dance & CM gets up from the chair, CM fumbled his mic
  • At the end when the boys lean forward n the ropes, their faces were closer to each other than normal but still okay
  • YH something to one of the dancers about pulling them back a little more during the ending rope part.
  • Boys went backstage to monitor the perf whil being fanned
  • 1 of the glass squares on the stage broke during the rehearsal and to be replaced by SBS staff.
  • YH came back out & we screamed YH looked a littl embarrassed, smiled shyly, & went “ah ah” to see uf his mic was on
  • Then YH greeted the fans and was nice. Mic volume wa so low I couldn hear what he said. SBS PD flirts w snark
  • Yunho then chatted with us for a bit. He asked us if it was cold outside & we said it was very cold today.
  • One of the fans in my sec said “Sorry for not getting you #1” & YH was soo sweet to us. He said aigoo~ why sorry? His voice was low & caring
  • Everyone was on stage ready fo the 1st take except CM. So the PD asked for CM into the mic “Changmin-shii???”
  • Then @yoonhwo said “Fighting” & YH said “Fighting” back.
  • On standby for 1st take, the dancers squatted in the opening position. Then PD said 1 minute so they got up to stretch w pained expressions
  • Take 1 CM grabbed both lapels when he said Watch out
  • Take 1 YH didnt pull the brunette female dancer up hard enough & she cldnt get out of the split
  • Yh looked really embarrassed & smiled while biting his tongue. He made an x with his hands to cut the take but PD kept going
  • While sitting on the chairs, YH softly asked the brunette female dancer if she was okay.
  • Take 1 finished well. Pyrotechnics during this take. Boys went backstage. Then guy fan screamed out that they were handsome
  • YH told the extra dancers in charge of organizing the ropes to fold the ropes faster
  • Boys sitting on the steps backstage getting fanned & monitoring the take
  • YH came out again & looked really flustered. He couldnt find his ear piece.
  • YH then said that he has no energy today. We screamed himnae & fighting. He asked us to cheer a lot for them.
  • Take 2 CM was dripping sweat from the beg. Rght b4 hi solo dance, he squeezed his eye shut, willing himself 2 hv enouf energy
  • When the boys sang with their backs to each other, YH looked at my sect & smiled at us. Even exhausted, he still thinks of us
  • The boys were so tired today. T.T
  • The fanchant was especially strong for take 2. At the end of the take, YH thanked us
  • At the end of take 2, YH stood up out of the ropes and pressed the small of his back w a pained exp. Did he strain himself?
  • At the end of take 2, dancers were sitting bckstge w jacket off their shoulders. Hair drenched w sweat
  • CM came back on stage first. Was riding piggyback on one of the SBS staff guys. He was laughing & smiling embarrassed
  • Take 3 was fo close up shots starting from the 1st chorus. Cut when the go to th 2n chorus
  • Takes 1 & 2 were full runthroughs w pyrotechnics. Takes 3 & 4 were short takes for close up shots
  • After the 3rd tak was cut, YH told us one more & held up 1 finger
  • Boys were on standby for take 4, when CM suddenly said Im sorry Im sorry wait a minute & ran backstage. We were all like why?
  • Then while CM was backstage YH was telling us about sasaeng fans in taxis. Then PD said ok standby & YH said ok standby!
  • Then PD called ok after the 4th take. Boys bowed & waved. CM left quickly after waving but YH walked to each section to wave.
  • Outside of th studio, the boys were seeng someone off & were smilng & bowing a lot. We screamed & YH looked over & waved


  • Fan shouted to Yunho “Sorry we didn’t give you the first place” and Yunho said “what’s there to be sorry about” ㅠㅠ[蘑菇]
  • Yunho danced so powerfully the glass on the stage broke…..
  • Yunho looked very sorry because the strength he inserted isn’t enough to pull the female dancer up aww [onlytvxq1314]
  • Yunho reacted immediately when the fanboys shouted ㄱ_ㄱ [onlytvxq1314]


  • When Changmin appeared, because fans were screaming so he put his hands on his waist and waved “Annyeong annyeong” cr:bom2dong
  • When recording the 4th time, one staff gave Changmin a piggyback and carried him out hahahahaah cr: 精分鸡血盲目妈
  • Changmin started eating when he got into the car after sbs recording >__> lolol cr:paboya


  • The FD went “Changmin kiddo, please come forward quickly~” so Changmin hastily came forward from the back of the stage unlike his usual self. Yunho then went “He isn’t a kiddo. He’s turning thirty soon” ㅋㅋㅋ[cr: bom2dong]
TENSE Fansign Event


  • A small boy went up. Yunho touched the boy’s head and shook hands with himㅠㅠ [Yoonhoyaho]
  • Yunho said a fan who came for the fansign today is close to his ideal type!! [hyunji0114]
  • Yunho said TVXQ train can be taken anytime but (fans) cannot get off easily. [god6854]


  • Fan: Oppa, you can just draw a pig instead of writing to my name Changmin didn’t draw and Yunho drew it cr: in pic pic.twitter.com/n67JTZ90sM
  • When leaving, Changmin said have a good new year, and a fan said “Work well” to him, CM replied “Thanks kid!” (Being sarcastic) cr:lizis2618
  • Yunho says among the people who came to the fansign today, there’s a person who’s really close to his ideal type! O_O cr: hyunji0114
  • Fan: “please draw a big heart shape, as big as the meat you wanna eat” and he drew it so big -____- cr: chiclee2618 pic.twitter.com/QvUQuoMwrw
  • Changmin told fans at the fansign not to say anything about army enlistment :33 lol RT @ksi0817


  • Q: the stage which left the deepest impression on their minds || Changmin: In the summer of 2010 at the SM Town stage. I was shaking more than our debut stage. The 2 of us don’t ever do such things because we are embarrassed, but for some reason, the 2 of us held our hands together and like we were praying, we were muttering to ourselves, “will we be able to do well?” I remember this very well. | Yunho: yes, that was right. [cr: chiclee2618]
  • Q: What will TVXQ be doing over the Lunar New Year? \\ Changmin: Lunar New Year.. we.. now.. what.. (to Yunho) what are you doing? \\ Yunho: for me, well, there is work right? There is work but I don’t know what it is but for now, Changmin is busy again! (Fans: Mimi! ) Everybody, please watch the drama~ and I will also be working hard..~ no matter what, it seems like I won’t be able to go back home (to Gwangju) (fans: ahhh~) my hometown friends are coming up (to Seoul) ~ my friend’s mother is running a restaurant and asked for my help, so I think I will be helping out (Fan: where is it?) I will be helping out at home. For.real.! Changmin, please say something too. \\ Changmin: I am scheduled for some work which has to be finished hurriedly. I am having thoughts like this, “Should I just be alone resting comfortably without showing everybody various different sides of me?” I will just be working. [cr: uknowmax2618 ]
  • Q: How is it that TVXQ manages to look even younger than 10 years ago? \\ Yunho: That was a really~ unbelievable statement. More than anything else, we have become a little more relaxed. So we are smiling a lot ~ and in line with the concept this time around, compared to the previous times when we were always putting force in our eyes (meaning facial expressions are intense), this time around our eyes have relaxed and we are smiling slightly so it seems like I recovered the looks of my original age ~ hahaha. No matter what, please look at us in a young light~ in reality, the other remaining factor is that medical technology has advanced a lot… I go to the dermatologist. The me who didn’t previously go to the dermatologist often previously is now going to the dermatologist once every 2 weeks! [cr: uknowmax2618]
  • Q: Oppas, I am now a high school senior taking my examination this year, and I’m getting panicky, my studies aren’t good. Isn’t there any good method to control my mind? \\ Yunho: (other than eating 206 pumpkins) nope! ahahahahhaha (*the Korean pronunciation of the first 2 words of “pumpkin” is akin to “determination”) \\ Fans burst into laughter at his word play ^^ \\ Yunho: When I am controlling my mind, I will write. nowadays (Microsoft) Word works on all computers, isn’t it. I write “Ah! Hangul! Hangul! I want to achieve this”. First, I will write down my final target and after that, if it is an examination, what average score for what subject, and which subject I don’t have much confidence in, let’s score better in this one. If I start writing down my targets realistically, my scores went up by an average of about 10 marks. This was when I was young. (fans: Ohhhhh~) For real! I said the same thing yesterday too! What bad parasite (Korean pronunciation: “choong”) is growing within our bodies? You guys know what it is right? (fans: slipshot (Korean pronunciation: dae “choong”).) Yes, it’s called “Dae Choong” (slipshot)! Let’s not let the Dae Choong live~! \\ MC: Yes, please give a round of applause. Those are wise words. It seems like Yunho can become some sort of lecturer. \\ Yunho: I’m not sure if everyone knows this or not, but I have even tried being a part-time lecturer before. Seems like everybody will be surprised at that~ hahaha [cr: uknowmax2618]
Credits: As tagged + figmagination
Translated by: yunjaery + KatHeartsJJ + mug_ping
Shared by: DBSKnights
re-shared : eternally5

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