[FANACC] 140121 SHINee’s Minho went to Kim Junsu’s December Musical

It seemed that Minho casually came, with a man, who looked like his manager.

He was hiding his face with his cap, but he couldn’t hide his good style and big eyes beneath his cap.

When the manager-like person went alone to take a photo of the casts, he was hiding his face with his hands looking anxious (because the people were surrounding him). His face was so small, his hands completely covered his face. Yes, his face was so small, I really thought that it was Minho-kun.

The manager-like person walked away from him, so he went to check the goodies’ booth after the manager, again, hiding his face. Coming back, he was holding a CD of the musical in his hands.

It was a little bit funny when the intermission was finished and he was going back to the seats. He was having trouble finding his ticket and was suspected by some xD Not many realized who he was, but at that time, some of the Korean people recognized who he was.

It was so unexpected, I asked “Minho-kun?” He answered “Ne”. I’m so happy that there is another person who went to watch Xia’s musical.

Credits: 1215thexxxxxiah
Trnslated by: Yunhosmiley
Shared by: DBSKnights
Re-shared by : eternally5

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