[NEWS] 130628 JYJ Kim Junsu, Gives His Mom a House

Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu revealed the house he gave his mom in Pajoo.

Today, one magazine revealed pictures of the house that Kim Junsu bought his mom in Pajoo, along with an interview of Junsu’s mom.

Inside the house, there was nothing that was missing. It had a karaoke, bar, computer room, and even a vending machine.

Kim Junsu’s mom said, “Whatever Junsu did, whether it was singing or running, he always stood out.”

She continued, “There was a time our family was having a hard time when he was in elementary school. We lived in a one-room apartment that didn’t even have a bathroom. I felt so bad for my kids that I teared up. But Junsu came to wipe my tears and said ‘We will become great people and build you a house that’s like a painting.'”

She said, “Junsu made the contract for the house before he left TVXQ but things at that time did not seem good for him so he was sad that he could not keep his promise. But he worked hard through musicals and really built us a house. I don’t know how much I prayed and cried after I came into this house.”

Credits: kpopstarz
Shared by: DBSKnights+eternally5

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