[TRANS] 130510 Tweets Compilation of Tohoshinki TIME Live Tour 2013 in Nagoya Dome (Day 1)


  • Yunho: Hello everyone, we are Tohoshinki! Welcome to Tohoshinki Time Tour live in Nagoya!
  • Yunho: Hello, I am Yunho. Is everyone anticipating for the concert? Is everyone healthy?
  • Yunho: Tohoshinki will go to the very end! Please support us.
  • Changmin: Really, (everyone)’s so passionate since the start of the concert! We hope we can maintain our good performance.
  • CM: Although we will worry at the start of the concert, but we work hard to present ourselves. Please support us. Let’s go to the next song.
  • Yunho: We have came to Nagoya Dome, it’s been a long time. Does everyone still remember us? Did you enjoy our fast songs at the start? Are the audiences at the back alright too? Please take care after this also! (Cr: January)
  • Changmin: It’s time for the Tohoshinki Band Members!! (He said this in English :3)
  • Yunho: How do all of you feel now? It’s a little warm here. I feel so happy interacting with you all
  • Changmin: The weather today is pretty good, so let’s go into the next song soon.
  • Changmin: Everyone’s sitting down so let’s talk more. It’s now. Everyone’s sitting.
  • Changmin: Feeling a little worried. Yunho: When? Changmin: Right now.
  • Changmin: When we talk about good songs…ahhh~ Yunho: It’s exactly like this.
  • Yunho: It’s fine with everyone right? Is Changmin fine?
  • Changmin: When we sing until….I always thought… Yunho: Changmin sings so good. Everyone knows right
  • Yunho: I can do this. Now everyone can laugh. Thank you everyone~
  • Yunho: It’s feeling a bit hilarious now, but still thankful to everyone. Let’s get high slowly!
  • Changmin: We have talk quite a lot during opening. Really feeling thankful to everyone regarding everything.
  • Changmin: The ability to share (the happiness & gratefulness) with everyone feels good. When is it? Now now now!
  • Yunho: As expected, everyone’s so great! The fanboy worked hard!
  • Yunho: I know I know. Changmin: I am listening
  • Yunho: Do you all know the theme this time round? Changmin: Time, it means time
  • Changmin: Listening to other people’s experiences, and every other things, there’ll be a lot of thoughts coming in.
  • Changmin: There’s really a lot of deep understanding on time, therefore (we) cherish everything now even more.
  • Yunho: I am really cherishing every moment of now and will anticipate for the upcoming concerts too!
  • Changmin: We have heard weird things recently. Yunho: After we said something and we think, “Oh no it’s the end.”
  • Changmin: It’s a bit weird. Yunho: Exactly. The cold joke just now was really bad.
  • Changmin: Although it’s recent, but it’s not really good. Yunho: About the cooking talk recently? Changmin: Coffee?
  • Yunho: Changmin is really a strict person. Changmin: Not exactly strict, I’m just not a gentle type of person.
  • Yunho: We want to do something that involves everyone. *sings the song* WE ARE? Fans: T!
  • Yunho: Everyone’s working hard, it’s really cool
  • Yunho: I was telling my dad “We are?” and he actually knows continuing it is “T!”
  • Yunho: The next song is a fun and fast beat song~ || It’s Rat Tat Tat now~~
  • Yunho: Maybe if everyone says 1 2 3 together the song might come out. Fans: 1~ 2~
  • Changmin jumped down the stage in front of the fans today again omgggg
  • Tohoshinki Tohoshinki~ shouting for encore now~
  • Yunho: Thank you everyone! How is everyone feeling? Let’s get more and more high!
  • Changmin: After saying so much, we should go to the next song already. Fans: EH???
  • Changmin: When you are busy, you still try to come and see us, although we feel lonely sometimes, but to spend this time with all of you, we are happy.
  • Changmin: Although everyone’s anticipating, but we are going to the next song. It’s a new song
  • Yunho: It’s the last song already, let’s sing it together.
  • Changmin: Really hope everyone will give a round of applause.
  • Changmin: Next, we finished a great performance today too. Yunho: Our performance is acceptable today too right?
  • Yunho: Thank you everyone! Changmin: Please give our staff a round of applause too!
  • Yunho: Because of everyone’s love, our mood is especially good, we’ll carry on this mood till we’re back.
  • Fanboy: YUNHO!!! Yunho: I know, you gave me strength~~ *fanboy got high | Changmin: Enough, listen to us finishing this! (Cr: 琪)
  • Changmin: When I return to Nagayo hotel yesterday, there was unadon (eel rice) on the table. When I open the door to the backstage today, there was unadon again, how many unadon must I eat in 3 days…..Manager is going to be angry at what I say again. No matter how high class the food we eat is, it’s the same thing that comes out (of our body). (Cr: kouki)
  • When Yunho was talking seriously during MC time, Changmin was sitting at the edge of the stage massaging his calf and drinking water.(Cr: YJLB)
  • Changmin talked about William Blake’s words today. He said, “diligent bees have no time for sadness”, so compared to everyone being upset with the live ending, it’ll be better if everyone’s happy. (Cr: kouki)
  • Changmin: Let’s create the best memories! | Yunho: Oh? You can say more! | Changmin: No, my Japanese isn’t that good. Let’s go on to the next song (with a cute expression on his face), STILL. (Cr: a2m69, 你好我是摸摸)
  • Changmin: Heard from everyone that FLYING GET seems to be the trend now. | Yunho: FLYING GET.. | Changmin: Why are you looking at me? | Yunho: Because I don’t know! || *Yunho was trying to make Changmin do FLYING GET instead | **Not very sure, but FLYING GET seems to be an internet slang! (Cr: nagoyanoko, 你好我是摸摸)
  • Yunho: William something…you know William Blake, how can you not know what soup stock means? *Changmin said it as hot water and was corrected by the fans it’s “soup stock” instead. But Changmin said he doesn’t know this word and even stomp his feet! (Cr: nagoyanoko, 你好我是摸摸)
  • Yunho: Thanks to everyone in Nagoya-SAN..(an expression of “Ah! I said wrongly!”) | Yunho: It’s because of everyone’s support and hearts, we can have a feeling of the whole venue as one. | Changmin: I think I can just say lesser words, Nagoya today is really awesome! (Cr: a2m69, 你好我是摸摸)
  • Yunho used an idiom “once in a lifetime” and was responded with the “oh”s from Bigeast. | Changmin: Is the idiom that hard? If it’s that standard, (he) definitely know! (He’s) not that stupid! (Cr: kkvkku, 你好我是摸摸)


  • [TIME Staff] (cr:yobunbrothers1) Will be starting in a few minutes!
  • (cr:tv5xq_mcchi) The live concert finished. As always, just GREAT♡ Changmin came down the stage and gave high-fives to the fans, I’m in tears!!
  • (cr:wreareT) CM gave his autographed balls one by one to each fans in wheelchairs. YH saved some of his autographed balls for the fans in wheelchairs, too. I thought that they are really wonderful artists.
  • (cr:tvxq928) pic.twitter.com/YpGVPCDyPT OMG—————–I GOT THIS!!!!! CHANGMINNNNNNNNNNN——–!!
  • (cr:nagoyanoko) CM’s solo! As fan service, he came down the stage, and was giving high-fives to the fans in the premium seats!!! HIGH-FIVES!
  • (cr:satongmin) YH was throwing 3 frisbees at once (°_°)!! xDD
  • (cr:xxx5starsxx) Yunho is really a great artist. During his ride on the trolley around arena F (I was watching from Yunho’s back side), he was bowing one by one to the fans sitting in wheelchairs, and was giving them the frisbees. I thought he is wonderful, as a man.
  • (cr:pigupigupigupig) Yunho said that we he met his father last time, he tried “We are”, and then his father responded by saying “T!” xDDDD wanna see that conversaton。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。
  • (cr:comocomo_810) When Yunho sang “akai hikari (t/n:red lights)” during OCEAN, his was showing such an affectionate look, it was just the expression he showed during Weep (t/n: during the TONE tour).
  • (cr:HFB_Uknow) There was a 4 high school boys’ group at the road from the station going home. One boy said “i really wanna see Yunho again”, then the other boys said “not only u. yunho is for all of us” xDDD what kind of conversation is that? xDDD
  • (cr:t_dash1147) Well, Yunho was throwing 5 frisbees at once, that was really something xDDD super sloppy work xDDDD
  • (cr:runchang25min) My unni sitting next to me at the premium seat showed CM the poster of Kyuhyun when he came on the trolley nearby. CM recognized the poster and his expression was like OOOHHHHH!!!, and he was pointing at the poster for a long time!! His expression was super cute, I’ll give my heart to him. Kyu line is too much 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。
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