[NEWS] Drama “I Miss You,” Featuring JYJ Yoochun, to Air in Japan on March 28

MBC drama, “I Miss You,” which features JYJ Yoochun as the lead, will be airing in Japan starting on March 28.

The drama will be aired though Japan’s Hallyu channel, DATV. It will begin on March 28 and will be the same 21 episodes with Japan subtitles added.

“I Miss You” received much attention and praise in Korea for its storyline and top notch actors. They believe that this drama will succeed in Japan as well.

Having this drama air in Japan will be meaningful to JYJ as this is the first production that will be aired in Japan since the end of their lawsuit with Japan agency AVEX. They hope that through this production, the group will slowly begin to appear on mainstream TV as well.

On the other hand, “I Miss You,” is about two people who live with heartbreaking memories about their love from the past. This drama features JYJ Yoochun, Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon Eun Hye.

This drama first aired in Korea last year and gained much attention for its heart wrenching strolling and top star cast. This drama is categorized under romantic melodrama and is 21 episodes.

The drama also gained much attention for the great acting done by idol-turned-actors. Yoochun is part of a three member group, JYJ. They are widely known all around the world and have a great fanbase. Recently, news of fans in Turkey sending JYJ’s picture and message into space was revealed, gaining much attention.

Yoon Eun Hye was part of the 90s idol group, FinkL. After leaving the group, she debuted as an actress and is gaining much attention.

Yoo Seung Ho recently revealed news of his enlistment into the army. He left for his 2 year term without any formal announcements.

The drama also gained attention for it’s emotional OSTs sung by singers such as Wax.

Credits: kpopstarz
Shared by: eternally5

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