[NEWS] Changmin Confesses He Received Therapy Due to Sasaengs

Changmin confessed he received therapy because of sasaengs. On the February 5th broadcast of KBS2TV‘s ‘Moonlight Prince‘, he said, “In the past, I think I was miserable.”

He explained that he had been extremely burdened by the popularity of TVXQ. He added, “When I was by myself, there would be people who followed me around in taxis. I got nervous when I see even one (sasaeng). When I was walking in the streets, of course there were students in uniforms walking too. But when I saw them, I found myself walking with my head bowed to cover my face. I didn’t think I was lucky. I thought I was very unlucky instead.”

In the end, he had decided to receive therapy. He revealed, “I received a light consultation. No matter where I went, I thought people were always looking at me, and that I should avoid everyone because they recognized me.”

However, he revealed that he is fine now and has overcome the anxiety, saying, “I’m enjoying every moment now. I’m happy.” He even joked, “I even flipped my hair back now so everyone will recognize me.”

Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: eternally5

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