[TRANS] 121224 Choikang Changmin To Work With Kang Ho Dong On His New KBS Variety Show

– His first regular appearance on a variety show since making his debut 8 years ago
– High expectations for him to become ‘the 2nd Lee Seung Gi’


TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin (24, Shim Changmin) has become ‘Kang Ho Dong’s New Man’.

According to broadcasting representatives, Choikang Changmin will be working with Kang Ho Dong on his return to KBS variety shows. This will be the first time that Choikang Changmin makes a regular appearance on a variety show. Since making his debut as a member of TVXQ in 2004, Choikang Changmin has been focusing on his activities as a singer for the past eight years.

It has been found that the production team have high expectations for Choikang Changmin’s addition to the show.

Choikang Changmin has not revealed much of his true personality on broadcasted TV shows aside from his image as a singer. He has not tapped into his potential in variety shows yet. Though his image as a model student is strong, close friends of Choikang Changmin have stated that he is famous for being a ‘character full of mischief’. He laughs a lot too. Many are curious to see if Choikang Changmin will be revealing his ‘lacking’ charm in this new variety show. There are broadcasting representatives who are banking on Choikang Changmin becoming ‘the 2nd Lee Seung Gi’.


The KBS Variety Sector has stated that it is in the final stages of preparing the new show, calling in celebrities such as Choikang Changmin to make appearances. Set to begin airing mid-January of 2013, the show is currently preparing to start filming at the beginning of the new year.

The concept of Kang Ho Dong’s new KBS variety show has yet to be revealed. Though there are rumors that it will be a talk show, the production company is keeping silent on the details of the show. The KBS Variety Sector has revealed that they are planning to air Kang Ho Dong’s new program on Saturdays. A representative stated, “Kang Ho Dong’s new program is being kept a secret,” and “We’re making sure it stays this way because the wrong information during the preparation process could start the show off on the wrong foot.”

Source: [edaily spn]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
Re-shared by: eternally5

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