[TRANS] 121106 Max Changmin’s Sincere Attitude Gained Renowned Japanese Director’s Praises, “He Finally Did It!”

TVXQ Max Changmin’s sincere attitude received the praises of Japanese movie personnels.
Max Changmin recently made his movie debut in Japan with the movie ‘Fly With The Gold’ that was premiered on the 3rd of November. Though he had experiences in dramas, he courageously challenged the movie that required a foreign language, Japanese i.e.

The movie was filmed alongside TVXQ’s concert tour in Japan and Max Changmin had to swiftly transform himself from the character on the glamourous stage to a bomb expert who intend to hide himself. This made it a difficulty and thus was not easy for the mild experienced Max Changmin who had to juggle between two very different characters. However under the supportive directing of Director Izutsu Kazuyuki who is known to be strict, he learnt a lot of acting skills and got over the difficulties.

Furthermore, during the filming, it was in a icy winter but the movie is set to be in summer. Therefore Changmin had to wear a thin t-shirt most of the time. Looking at him who worked hard without complaints, the director praised his attitude, “The scene where he had to took out tofu from the icy water was shot many times but he took it on without grumbles and he finally made it!”

His fluent Japanese also received the praises from relevant personnels. Max Changmin’s learning ability for language is very strong, plus the fact that he has been active in Japan for quite a long while thus his Japanese has reached a level where he has no problem communicating with local Japanese. Director Izutsu Kazuyuki also confirmed this, “His Japanese is very strong. There is no need for translation.”

Additionally, Director Izutsu Kazuyuki mentioned, “I was originally worried about his acting and thought that he would not even know the ‘act’ in ‘acting’, I would have to do a lot of work during editing. But in fact, it’s not the case at all.” He gave his recognition for Changmin’s acting skill.

Max Changmin is currently working for his 6th album ‘Catch Me’ and he took time out to attend the movie premiere and stage greeting, fully involving in the movie promotion activities. Probably it was due to his participation that ‘Fly With The Gold’ attained 70 thousand viewers within the first weekend of showing and received fourth place in the ticket box ranking. And this was achieved with only 191 cinemas showing this movie across the whole country.

Source: newsen
Credit: maya
Translated by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared by: DBSKnights + eternally5

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