[TRANS] 121105 MBC Interview with “Missing You” Cast

Q : Memories of First Love?

YC : Can’t quite remember the process, but I wanted to give my everything
MC : Seems you gave quite a bit? What did you give?
YC : …..Money? [LOLs]

YSH did not have the courage to confess and his first love was not quite completed

YC : There are only reason 2 reasons why men don’t confess. One, a pure heart so strong that he loses confidence, or it’s simply plain liking.
YSH : I belong to the first. [subs : hyung, you’re horrible TT]

The secret behind the uniform photos

YC : I didn’t wear them, it’s photoshopped
MC : It’s photoshopped?
YC : Anyone can tell by just looking at them [troll]
MC : You don’t like it personally?
YC: The face and the neck don’t look natural, but overall it’s ok

MC ask YEH how does it feel to fall in love with men who are younger, and the age difference with YSH

YEH : I don’t want to know ~ [laughs]
MC : The response from people around you?
YEH : They’re envious
MC : Who are the ones who envy?
YEH : Those who are older ~

Source: iMBC
Translated by: chunnierules
Shared by: JYJ3 + eternally5


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