[NEWS] 121106 The Person Who Stole Jaejoong’s Heart in Jakarta


It wasn’t a beautiful woman nor the most cheerful and supportive fans of JYJ Jaejoong that took his heart away during his first fanmeeting last weekend  (3/11) in Jakarta, Indonesia. So who really stole his heart away?

With the rare close encounter opportunity as a surprise, thousands of fans were even more excited and overwhelmed, racking their brains on what to say or do in front of the ‘Ice Prince’.  In their attempt to attract attention, fans were whispering in his ears and sneaky hands were sighted during the photo-taking session though instructions were clearly; no touching. Sadly none of it worked as the ‘Ice Prince’ gave equal attention to every fan in the very brief moment they each had.

However, one fan succeeded not only in attracting his attention, but making him cross the boundaries of no physical contact by just simply being herself. The two adorable children were sitting quietly next to his seat while waiting for his arrival, a stark difference to the many fans clamoring over the man.

JaeJoong’s sole attention was immediately fixated from the moment he laid eyes on them, much to the envy of the fans around. He initiated contact by shaping her tiny fingers to a cute ‘tweeze’ sign and smiled radiantly, something which is hardly seen throughout the fan-meet due to his condition.  It was literally “ignorance is bliss” and it definitely added on to the many reasons for the ladies to want to return to that age of innocence.


It was no doubt that behind his piercing stare and princely image was this warm guy, overflowing with love for children. From the previous photoshoot collaborations campaign with children for NII, to how he paid more attention to children attending his fan-meet, it was evident how good a dad he will be in future.

So ladies, if having Mr. Kim pay more attention to you is your life mission, next time bring a kid along or go back to being one if you can, it will definitely get the job done! Now isn’t the girl lucky?

Credit: en.korea
Shared By: JYJ3 + eternally5


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