[INFO] 121105 Ottogi Kiseumyeon – Yoochun’s UCC CF Competition

Together with Park Yoochun

Kiseumyeon CF UCC Festival

Date of Submission: 2012. 11. 05 ~ 2011. 11. 25
Date of Announcement: 2012. 12. 03 Ottogi Ramyun Story Facebook notice

“If I’m the CF director for Kiseumyeon!”
A Kiseumyeon CF with Park Yoochun, please express it using UCC!
The best UCC chosen that is ingenious will be offered the chance to participate in the CF.

Information on Participation
Eligibility: Individual or group who expresses love for Kiseumyeon
Form of participation: Free-form
UCC production: Upload a video of around 30s on Youtube
Judging criteria: No. of likes on Facebook + professional judgement
Judging: 2012 11. 26 ~ 11. 30

Winning prizes and benefits
Daesang (1 winner): prize money 1000000 won
Gold (1 winner): prize money 500000 won
Silver (1 winner): prize money 300000 won
Participation (20 winners): 30000 won department store shopping voucher
*Continuity of winning UCC CF submission will be judged and offered a chance to act as shooting PD (Model Park Yoochun)

How to participate:
1. Produce a Kiseumyeon CF UCC (around 30s)
2. Copy youtube URL of uploaded video
*Necessary tags: 오뚜기, 기스면, 박유천, 뚜기네 라면 이야기
3. Submit to Ottogi Ramyun Story (뚜기네 라면 이야기) Facebook page under Kiseumyeon CF UCC Festival menu

Source: Ottogi FB
Translated by: @maettugi
Shared by: JYJ3 + eternally5

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