[NEWS] JYJ’s XIA, “it feels weird now if I don’t do nail art”

JYJ’s XIA shared his thought on the change on his appearance. XIA shared the background of his epicene concept in the star life magazine ‘star1’ and the pictorial and the interview on September 20.

JYJ’s XIA said, “It is impossible to do nail arts or have fancy-colored hair with my personality. I’m not interested in decorating myself too much because I’m a celebrity. I just have to be good at singing because I ‘ m a singer. ” However, his thought on this was changed after the musical ‘Elisabeth’

JYJ’s Xia added, “I felt like I was apart from the act of dying When I saw the mirror and thought that I could not focus on my acting, I decided to do a diet Of course it shouldn’t bother me from singing but because my job is visual, I have to consider on such things Now, I feel weird if I do not do nail arts ” Meanwhie JYJ’s XIA showed his feelings on his fashion and the worldtour determination as a musical actor , and his personal life through star1 (www.atstar1.com )

Photo Credit: AtStar1
Source/Credit: TopStarNews
Shared by: DBSK_WORLDWIDE + eternally5


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