[NEWS] 120926 Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Lends Her Voice to TVXQ

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On September 24th, TVXQ released their 6th album ‘Catch Me‘.

Fans who listened to the album noticed a familiar female voice on the fourth track titled, “Like a Soap“, and wondered who the woman who said “Goodbye, good night” could be.

In the middle of the song, a woman’s voice says, “Goodbye, good night” and it has been revealed that the voice is none other than Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri. A representative for TVXQ stated, “It’s a short part, but it has a pretty large impact. Yuri’s voice fits well with the song, so we used her voice. It was originally supposed to be melody, but Changmin suggested that a female narrator would be a more proper fit. The writer and staff looked for a fitting voice, and that happened to be Yuri.

“Like a Soap” was composed by kenzie (Kim Yeon Jung) along with Kim Jung Bae and the song compares one-sided love to soap that is left alone in the corner. The easy melody and the two TVXQ members’ voices meld to make an impressive song.

You can hear Yuri around the 1:39 mark below.

Source: Newsen
Credit: allkpop
Shared by: eternally5


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