[TRANS] Sweet Lyrics of ‘I Swear’ written by Changmin (English Translated)

Dedicated to Cassiopeia and Bigeasts!

Attached Image: monthly_09_2012/ccs-15-0-19807700-1348543887.png Thanks TVXQ and thanks Changmin~


My personal comment (eternally5) :

i’m about to cry while i read those words :’) Thank you Changmin.. for wrote such a simple lyric but beautiful meaning in it.. plus soft melody of I Swear. Thank you Yunho.. for always being a Great leader.. The Great Jung  Yunho! Thank you TVXQ.. for always doing everything the best for Cassiopeia and Bigeast. I’m grateful i live in this generation.. this era.. so that i can get to know the awesome TVXQ (Yunho-Jaejoong-Yoochun-Junsu-Changmin) ^^ . I wish we both (TVXQ + Cassie/Bigeast) could continue this togetherness, always stand by each other ^^. Fighting !!  

Source & Credits: continuetvxq.com
Shared by: eternally5


One thought on “[TRANS] Sweet Lyrics of ‘I Swear’ written by Changmin (English Translated)

  1. twinkle55 says:

    I really like this song ~~~ just about now I heard the song reading the lyrics.. I had liked just from listening but I wanted to know what it was saying ~~ and the meaning is so meaning and lovely.. Changmin is starting to write more songs.. ^^~

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