I‘m so glad TVXQ now have Indonesian stamps on their passport! Being a part of SMTown Live World Tour III in Jakarta, the duo finally got a chance to meet their fans in Indonesia. You can imagine how happy Indonesian Cassies are! Their excitement had been obvious even before the concert began. They, who gathered at the tribune seats, kept calling Dong Bang Shin Ki and heated the stadium up. From their faces, I believe TVXQ saw the red lights at the tribune and were happy about it!

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With all my respect to other SM artists, I’m gonna write a fan-account only on TVXQ’s performance 🙂

The first member who appeared on stage was Changmin during his duet with Kyu, Just The Way You Are. He took the moving cart from the right side of the main stage and landed right on the front stage. I, who was in Festival C, immediately ran to get close to him, but sadly everything went too quickly I couldn’t take a proper picture. Just like in previous SMTown concerts, Changmin was wearing this blue suit and it suits his almond-coloured hair so much. And I know I’ve said this million times, but my, such fine slim and long legs he has! Also, there was this girl who received all the jealousy from the fans x) Already well-prepared, she appeared from below the stage. Changmin and Kyu sang in front of her, Kyu gave him a hug, and Changmin wiped her tears. A lucky fan indeed, and I bet she couldn’t sleep well after that!

After quite a long time waiting, Yunho finally went on stage during the dance battle session. Wearing a white t-shirt and denim pants, he danced so awesomely! With his juniors, he danced to O.  Though it’s said he’s not in his fittest condition, he still did each and every movement really well! I didn’t even try not to blink because I didn’t want to miss the moment

Another moment of waiting again before the intro of Maximum was heard and Cassies’ screamed as loud as they could! TVXQ on stage! I’ve seen them before, and this performance at Gelora Bung Karno was different in a way the venue brings more grand and epic atmosphere. They’re wearing white-outfits worn at A-Nation 2012 (armpits and chest exposed haha!) and for the first performance here in Jakarta, I think they nailed it. THEY REALLY DID. After Maximum, it was Mirotic, my most favourite song! The boys were drenched already since the weather was indeed really hot, but it just added extra dose of sexiness to the performance. Changmin’s powerful scream filled the venue, OMG it was uhhhmazing! I kept holding my friend’s hand during Mirotic ‘cos I was afraid I might collapse due to its awesomeness hahaha. There were some tiny tears trickling as well hahaha /embarrassed/

The show was continued with Keep Your Head Down. The guitar intro was more than enough to make the crowd scream even louder! Yunho then screamed ‘Ayo teriak!’, which means ‘Let’s scream!’! Things were getting hot at GBK! The performance of KYHD was strong and oozed masculinity as usual. They finally moved to the front stage, and with apology to the ones who got bumped,  I made my way so I could be closer to the stage! Wow, just wow. The two really spread so much energy!

Can you spot Changmin?

There was a talk session in which they introduced themselves. They greeted the crowd in Indonesian, such as ‘Selamat malam’ which means ‘good evening’ and ‘Kami Dong Bang Shin Ki’ or ‘We are Dong Bang Shin Ki.’ This might be a small thing, but seeing them greeting in  Indonesian makes me really happy. A simple happiness of a fan really, to be greeted by your idols in  your own language

The last song by TVXQ was Rising Sun. This time they wore a black and olive outfit. Rising Sun was EXPLOSIVE I tell you. The dance choreography was just crazy, the vocals were rocking, the lights were brilliant, the crowd’s scream was massive and the fireworks were amazing! What a way to end the night, what a way to bewitch everybody!

Wet Yunho trying to fix his wet hair!

I spotted some cute moments of Yunho during Hope. He was being playful with Siwon, and when he was walking to the front part of the stage, the fountain suddenly sprayed and it hit right on his face and hair!  His shocked expression was priceless hahaha. The water just ruined his flipped-back hair and he kept trying to fix it. BoA was later splashed water on his head too, so his effort was kinda useless x) I couldn’t help giggling witnessing the whole scene 🙂

He’s tanned, isn’t he?

I myself didn’t take any picture or fancam of TVXQ’s performance. I just wanted to focus on the boys, really. But my friend managed to take some photos of Yunho which I’ve posted here. The credit goes to her. For Changmin stans, we also have some photos of him, but we’re gonna post it in another blog. Please kindly wait 🙂

Many commented how flawless TVXQ’s performance was; one of them is Metro TV, the biggest news channel in Indonesia, who mentioned how hypnotizing the boys were. Words really can’t express how I’m very proud hearing it! My hope is SME will consider to put Indonesia on TVXQ’s World Tour list. I bet you could listen how loud Indonesian Cassies could be, SME!

Thank you, TVXQ! Do come back soon

***FYI Cassies: Part of other fandom during concert praised us (Cassiopeia) ! ^^ They said that Cassiopeia very cohesive

Credit: @ceinder on Twitter / ceinder.posterous.com
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