[AUDIO + TRANS] 120923 Post Of TVXQ KakaoTalk Updates

With the tracks of their new album ‘Catch Me’ set to release on Monday, TVXQ have sent out an audio message. Along with the message for fans who have been waiting for TVXQ’s comeback, they’ve also prepared a verse of their title song ‘Catch Me’ for their Plus friends (name for KakaoTalk followers) so check it out now!

A verse of TVXQ’s title song ‘Catch Me’ is revealed!


TVXQ : Hello!
YH : Our KakaoTalk Plus friends! This is TVXQ, greeting you for the first time in a while.
CM : TVXQ will be making our comeback with our new album ‘Catch Me’, in one year and eight months since our last album ‘Why (Keep Your Head Down)’ last January.
YH : Wow~ You’ve all waited a long time for this, haven’t you? We’ve put a lot of effort into preparing a top-notch album for you with better music and performances than before.
CM : To give a brief introduction about our title song ‘Catch Me’: it’s a powerful dance track that depicts an ardent love in which a headstrong man breaks up with his girlfriend, but in reality wants her to stop him from leaving and show her love for him.
YH : I don’t think we should just introduce the song in words. Should we give them a small taste of what one of the verses will be like?
CM : A small taste of a verse, gotcha.
CM : (singing) Why was I such a fool – (This may be inaccurate)
YH : Yes, that’s good. That’s enough.
CM : I shouldn’t give them any more, right?
YH : Yes. Anyway, all eleven tracks of our album will be available online on Monday, the 24th at noon, so please stay alert for it.
TVXQ : Till now, this has been TVXQ. Thank you.

Source: TVXQ’s Kakao Talk
Credits: , KakaoTalk Screencaps by: disclaimer
Translation by: dongbangdata
Shared by: eternally5


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