[TRANS] 120903 Movieweek Magazine Issue 544 – Irreplaceable Young Actors : Park Yoochun‏

(T/N: This is the same issue of Movieweek with Jaejoong as one of the ‘Irreplaceable Young Actors’ too.)


Park Yoochun – Convincing The Public With His Sensibility

[Rooftop Prince] (SBS) [Miss Ripley] (MBC, 2011) [Sungkyunkwan Scandal] (KBS2, 2010)

The basis of an actor is, “To have the ability to make the audience in unison”

This is the first time I met an actor who blends in his own speciality with the character and at the same time, allowing the audience to feel the same. From another aspect, I feel that Park Yoochun is one who was born with such talent. This is Park Yoochun who was able to control the stage’s ambience since his days in TVXQ. Though he was also a vocalist, but did not have any fanciful falsetto and choreography parts, he is always able to use the sensibility of the songs to replace all these. Park Yoochun expanded this talent greatly in his drama. During the broadcast of his debut drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, there was none of the criticism like ‘unrefined’ and perhaps it was due to the same reason.

If it were to be the usual idol stars who have been relying on bright lights and magic of cosmetics, they would cause a distant feeling when they appear in dramas. However Park Yoochun is different, his clean face is on the contrary more brilliant. As a male actor, not only does he has a clean image, he also have the looks of the usual ‘neighborhood boy’. Even though armed with the background of ‘flower boy’ and ‘idol star’, he already reached the state where he does not need any other fanciful accessories. On stage he is one of the fewer idols who does not ‘overact’; therefore his attitude and expressions were not seen as though he is immature. However while doing that, an amusing clash and nervousness would show on his face. This was depicted as character’s realism. It is indeed a talent not to be missed. Compared to the drama scenes, this forte will be proven more effective on the big screen. From ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ to ‘Miss Ripley’ and ‘Rooftop Prince’, Park Yoochun successfully maintained this amazing state.

Not that he succeeded with the tries at dramas or with ‘technique’, it was his strong defense for his own ‘sensibility’. And thus his acting was presented more naturally, and became the “good actor” that more people have accepted. What is surprising is that there is still no movie related to him. But it is obvious that there are many scripts awaiting his choice. According to his representative, they mentioned that the chances of him taking on a drama would be high.

Park Yoochun and Son Ye Jin are both anticipated to be the leads for drama ‘Missing You’ (MBC, slated to broadcast in October). If Yoochun is to act in this drama, it would be a new exciting challenge for veteran actress Son Ye Jin and it was not bad a choice too. But this also meant that we can only appreciate Yoochun’s acting on the TV screen for the time being and the movie stint will have to be set aside for now! But the movie world will not give up any chance on collaboration.


Source: movieweek
Credit: Jewelchao6002 @ JYJ Taiwanese Fans Club
Translated by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared By: JYJ3 + eternally5


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