[FAN ACCOUNT] 120908 Compilation of Tweets for Yoochun’s Shenzhen Fanmeet

– A fan sent a ‘flower wreath’ made of eggplants LOL [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– This boy fan was sad he didn’t meet YC at the airport. Happy and excited as ajuhma fans bought him a concert tix [Cr: AliceChunsa]

– Fans chanting YC’s name ^^ [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC is singing Empty Space for You [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC left the stage, MC time [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC back on stage~ omg my ears are gonna die (fans’ screams) [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Blue Ocean for YC [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– OMG The MC Brught on stage the Eggplant Wreath LOL [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC with Eggplant wreath LOL [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC specially said a greeting for people listening on YY (audio stream). Yoochun-ah [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC said he went swimming in the hotel’s pool today, and was wondering why there weren’t any bikini girls LOL [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– MC teaching YC how to speak cantonese apparently [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC said he hasn’t seen Yoohwan in a long time :( [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– MC asked what happens when YC gets a wife, YC said he’ll bring her on overseas activities! [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– MC: “What do you think about Chinese girls?”
YC: Very pretty~~ [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– They’re watching clip of RTP right now [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Q: Thoughts on waching miss ripley clips again? YC: my hair was really short then, and i really film very hard then [ Cr: maettugi]
YC: The long hair was troublesome, and he understood how girls feel with long hair… he think girls are incredible” [Cr: maettugi]
YC: I think long hair suits me well too, I personally like shorter hairstyles [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
YC: I had long hair for my drama and found it to be so annoying. Now I know how hard it is for girls [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
YC says girls are really amazing (regarding dealing with long hair ahahah) [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– MC asked what the next stop is and YC said after touring he’ll come back for ‘personal performance’ and come back to china :O [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– MC: what was the hardest scene (Rooftop Prince)? YC: Ep 2, the whipped cream scene. At the time, the male & female leads weren’t in love yet, so it was hard [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
YC: the first time i tried whipping cream, both the leading characters did not feel anything for each other, so it was harder to emulate the feelings. plus it was really cold at night, so that scene was difficult to film. I really ate a lot of cream that day he said during the whipping cream scene, they didn’t really drink soju, but drank water instead. [Cr: maettugi]

– MC: what role do you want to try? YC: Leslie Cheung’s role in A Chinese Ghost Story (YC watched this movie a lot) [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– They’re inviting 3 fans onto the stage now!!! Fan activities!!! [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Yoochun rolled his eyes, at the request of the audience xDDDD [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Security keeps watching YC and smiling/laughing. Is he also a Chunsa? Kekek [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– One of the 3 fans said “I love you” to YC in a foreign language and YC said it back to her OMG [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Fan #1 is doing the whipped cream scene with Yoochun right now with Baek Jiyoung’s OST playing in the background. JEALOUS [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– OMGGGG another of the 3 fans said ‘Oppa saranghamnida’ in Korean.. YC said me too and is now trying to say “xie xie ni” (thank you in Chinese) [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– He also said that fan’s voice is cute (fan had an aegyo voice) [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC handing out gifts to the fans now
Amongst the gifts, signed CD And autographed(?) photo [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC said he’ll come back often kek [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Playing SKKS clip now [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Miss Ripley clip now [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Yoochun back on stage now in a white shirt [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– MC: Is he handsome!??! Fans: YESSS!! YC: Xie xie! ^___^  [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– At Shanghai FM, the whipped cream wouldn’t come out & YC remembers. Today, while acting the scene, he said he’s very sorry to the last fan [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC giving the fan whipping cream omg. He himself opened his mouth so wide xDDD [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Q: Feelings of acting in the SKKS role?
YC: because my role was a uptight scholar, the scene of me getting drunk was kind of adorable [Cr: maettugi]

– Q: Feelings of acting in the Miss Ripley role?
YC: I think everyone would have wondered what it would be like to be a wealthy guy, after being in that kind of situation, i prefer my current environment” [Cr: maettugi]

– MC: What kind of marriage proposal do you dream of? YC: During a concert
YC: I believe until I die, I will want to continue making music
YC: The way I propose doesn’t really matter, what’s important is that I express my emotions fully. [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
YC: Compared to where or how i should propose, to express my feelings would be more important”
YC: I think my whole life, until i die, i would want to do music  [Cr: maettugi]

YC: For people to hear my song, it would be good, but i’d prefer if i composed for my own enjoyment (cr: maettugi)

– Fans saying the pants YC changed into are a bit tight…. LOL [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– MC asked YC what he’d look at in a woman first. YC told MC to say one first. MC said “eyes” and YC said “definitely always eyes”
YC would definitely look at eyes, but he said he’ll look ‘fully’ too (all body). Then fans started screaming for YC to look at them [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
“YC: I just need a pair of eyes that look at me only” [Cr: maettugi]

– YC: all this time, due to promotional activities, my hair and clothes were prepared, so one day i decided to wear slippers to be more comfy [Cr: maettugi]

– YC: My body is the style that ‘gives off heat’ OMFG /perv thoughts [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC: When I sleep in the summer, I leave the windows open [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Situation: Girl is crying, what would you do?
YC: I need to know why she’s crying.
Fans: Because of you!!
YC: Girl crying because of me? I’d stay beside her
Fans: what kind of action will u take?
YC: “I’ll hug her tight first, as for after that, you can imagine freely” omfg [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
Q: what do you do if a girl cries? YC: I need to know why is she crying first
Q: because of you YC: because she loves me too much? YC: then i would have to stay by her side more [Cr: maettugi]

– YC: between the fans and I, I think the most romantic thing was, the cheers during a concert before I appear and after I leave [Cr: maettugi]

– MC asked for the fans to shout, “Park yoochun, i love you” in Chinese [Cr: maettugi]

– YC: Before and after concerts/awards shows, the fans’ cheering really, gives me strength. After these events are over, the members feel a bit empty [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Intermission now [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Games with fans again! 3 more lucky fans will get to go on stage with YC [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC just learned how to say “rock paper scissors’ in Chinese and said it really well ^___^ [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Fan and YC playing rock paper scissors & cham cham cham with YC [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC keeps winning xD but yoochun says: but i’m really bad at this, maybe i’m just lucky tonight, none of the fans won, they received the radish doll from yoochun [Cr: maettugi]

– Another game, the same one played at Shanghai, 4 fans will be called onto the stage, While MC are choosing fans Yoochun went to get a balloon from the crew members ~ [Cr: maettugi]

– Staff are bringing up balloons to the stage….[Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– They’re talking about the game at SH where the fan & YC hug & pop the balloon. MC reminded everyone of the picture
That got circulated of YC’s face during that game. His face was all scrunched up. Do you guys remember that pic?! [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC: to break the balloon, i need to be forceful, but when the bodies touch, i feel a little shy [Cr: maettugi]

– YC: i feel that this place is very serene when i arrived [Cr: maettugi]

– MC talking about how YC shut down his twitter, and now fans are chanting for him to open Weibo
YC: If I open weibo, will you follow me? Fans: YESSS!! YC: I’ll consider it [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– They’re watching a video clip now.. and it’s played to a well known Chinese song XDDD Fans singing along to the song
The lyrics are like “I’m waiting for you to come back” [Cr: ohmyjunsu]
“Song used in the fanvid is 桃花朵朵开, with lyrics like, “i’ll be here waiting for you to return, to watch the cherry blossoms bloom
another song used in the fanvid is 就是爱你 (i just love you)” [ Cr: maettugi]

– YC singing again. Audience chanting his name ^^ [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– YC: Once again, i thank everyone for coming here, thank you for laughing so freely, i will come to china often in the future
YC: because of everyone’s accompaniment, i received lots of strength, so i’m really thankful to everyone
*Audience chanting his name*
YC: I hope one day, with the jyj members, i can treat everyone to a meal, and hopefully i can taste the brinjal dish then (eggplant) [Cr: maettugi]
YC: Thank you again for coming to see me. Thank you for letting me laugh so happily.
YC: In the future, I will come to China frequently. Thank you again. I was a bit worried, but felt today’s games with the fans were very fun
YC: After earning a lot of money, I hope that our JYJ members can have dinner with everyone! That day, I hope we can eat eggplant XD
YC: Because of you guys, I feel like I have strength. Xie xie [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Chajatta is playing, fans singing along. YC appeared on stage again
YC is giving gifts out again right now, while Chajatta plays [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– While throwing the gifts, YC is doing something so that fans can catch the gifts easily. Considerate man YC

– Junsu’s solo song Too Love is playing. [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– JJ’s solo song is playing, and fans are waving their lightsticks/lightboards. It’s very beautiful. Some fans are crying [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– It seems like YC has already left, some fans are still sitting in their seats. But…it’s over. [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

– Security is making people leave now. Some fans still crying 😥 [Cr: ohmyjunsu]

Translation Credit: ohmyjunsu + maettugi + AliceChunsa
Photo Credit: As tagged Vid Credit: naicha_kun
Compiled by: JYJ3
Shared by: eternally5


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