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1. When will the fanmeeting start?
– At 18.00

2. If I come to the fanmeeting a little late, would I still be able to get the ticket?
– Of course , our staff will be at the front desk in front of the fanmeeting venue. Please make sure you have the receipts and your ID with you.

3.When/Where will I be able to collect the concert ticket card and poster?
– In front of the fanmeeting venue on 16 Sept 2012 , you can decide to collect the poster before or after the fanmeeting.

4.I emailed you but there’s no response.
– Please email to mediahubthai1990@gmail.com only with the specific subject. Or just leave the comment on SNP faecbook (https://www.facebook.com/SNPMediaHUB)

5. omitted

6. omitted

7. If I can’t collect the pre-sale ticket on 8 Sept 2012?
– Then you can collect it at the fanmeeting venue.

8. Will there be any special event before the fanmeeting starts such as the private meet, high five with the autograph session?
– No, but you will recieve the ticket for the lucky draw and the lucky persons will get to play games with Yoochun during the fanmeeting time.

9. Can I know the flight and hotel details of Yoochun?
– We aplogise we can’t provide that info.

10. Can we bring the camera in?
– Photograph is not allowed during the fanmeeting and the light banner should not be bigger than A4 size. Please let other fans enjoy the fanmeeting with the clear view too.

11. Gifts section for Yoochun?
– Yes

12. ommited

13. omitted

14. I wanna hug Yoochun, will everyone get to hug him?
– We’d love to hug him too but no , it’s only the lucky-draw winners will get to do that on the stage. Good luck everyone ^_^v

Please take care

Credit SNPMediaHUB Facebook
Translation by: sharingyoochun.net
Shared by: eternally5


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