[TRANS] Wonbin and Yoochun in Drama/Movie adaptation of popular novel ‘Kyungsung Detective Lee Sang’

(T/N: This is an excerpt from an interview with author Kim Jaehee of novel “Kyungsung Detective Lee Sang” on EBS radio’s “Book Cafe” hosted by movie director Jo Wonhee. “Kyungsang Detective Lee Sang” is currently a really popular novel. Detective Lee Sang and his friend Park Taewon’s dynamics resembles that of Sherlock Holmes and his friend John Watson. Listen to audio of this excerpt: http://po.st/Xo41UJ )

Jo Wonhee: Listener 6069 asked, if this novel was adapted for a drama or movie, which actors would you like to see act in it?

Kim Jaehee: Actually, for Lee Sang, it can be said that he passed away untimely when he was 26. I think Kim Myungmin acts well, Kim Namgil resembles (Lee Sang) too. Wonbin too, for his piercing eyes and high nose bridge.

Jo Wonhee: Wonbin’s good.

Kim Jaehee: Yes, he resembles (Lee Sang). Actually, he really does resembles (Lee Sang). His face is very alike (to Lee Sang). For Park Taewon, I think it should be acted by good-looking actors who look however a little nerdy with spectacles on.

Jo Wonhee: Who is there? Who is suitable?

Kim Jaehee: I think Lee Jihoon, Park Yoochun.

Jo Wonhee: Oh, Park Yoochun’s good.

Kim Jaehee: Yes, he can pull it off well, even if there is a little age difference. Actually Park Taewon and Lee Sang are only 1 year apart, and Park Taewon is a little of a hyungnim. However, even if they are acted by actors with an age gap, I think they will be well-balanced.

Jo Wonhee: Wonbin, Park Yoochun, I think such a team would be incredible.

Kim Jaehee: I think the two of them resembles the actual characters.

Jo Wonhee: Wow, if it was so, with these Two Tops (T/N: meaning two top actors), it’ll be huge.

Kim Jaehee: It’s a wish.

Jo Wonhee: Who shall be the director?

Kim Jaehee: The host (Jo Wonhee), then.


Also see fanart of Wonbin & Yoochun as Lee Sang and Park Taewon:

Translation Credit by: maettugi via 抬头有片天
Shared by: DBSK_WORLDWIDE + eternally5


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