[INFO] 120829 “Penzal Q” Giveaway Project for JYJ Fans


We prepare some events for you guys who like PenzalQ and the big fans of JYJ.
If you want to sign up for this event, first you should press the ‘like’ button on PenzalQ Facebook.
Then you should write a comment about how thankful to have been with PenzalQ!
We’ll draw 44 winners during this event and send JYJ’s fan posters to the winners.
Also we’ll plan to send some JYJ posters abroad to winners who live in the other country this time.
I hope that many of you will participate!

The event starts from 29 August at 12:05 until 30 August at 23:55 in UTC+09

** How to participate in!
1) Press the ‘like’ button on the main page of Penzal Q Facebook
(If you already join your fan on this PenzalQ Facebook page, you don’t have to! )
2) Click the Attend Banner on the Event Web Page
3) Post comment ‘where you live/ Poster’ on the comment box.
(If you live oversea, write ‘oversea’ like this “[oversea/Poster] “
4) Write a comment ‘the moment I was so thankful with PenzalQ’.

Example: [oversea/Poster] PenzalQ~ Thank you! It really worked! When I had a badly headache!

Credt: Penzal Q
Shared by: JYJ3
Re-shared by: eternally5


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