[NEWS] 120827 Tohoshinki was the final performer in a-nation for the 2nd time!

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The Korean artist, Tohoshinki performed at “a-nation stadium fes. Charge & GO! Wieder in Jelly” sponsored by Avex at Ajinomoto stadium(Chofu city, Tokyo) on 25th.

Tohoshinki was entrusted as the final performer as the last year. They performed nine songs including “Android” “Why” and other songs, which are the most in number of songs during their seven performances of events in the past. Yunho showed up with loud noise of fireworks yelling “we made you wait!”. In return, fans who have been waiting for their return replied with roaring cheers.

The powerful performance followed by the band and dancers.

Tohoshinki has been attending to “a-nation” since 2005. They performed as the last performer for the very first time last year. The stadium was turned red with red Cyale(chemical light) when they appeared. This sight is familiar as usual, however they prepared more evolved and powerful performance on the stage this year.

Tohoshinki appeared on the stage with countdown displayed on screen and sang “Maximum” first. Their performance followed by the band and eight dancers focused each on Yunho and Changmin. They are dressed in cool white-and-silver outfit and performed powerful dance number, which raised up audiences’ excitement at once, and then continued on “Superstar” and “Android”

Changmin asked, “How was our stage we stand here after one year?” 54,000 fans responded as if they could shake the entire venue. He screamed “I love your excitement !” and then, “Please enjoy dancing and singing till the end!”. Yunho stirred up fans “everybody ready? Let’s have fun together as one since it’s hot tonight!”

Around the venue with trolleys.

Tohoshinki changed their outfit in black for “STILL”, medium ballad song singing heart breaking love. Their transparent voice echoed in the summer sky. They danced sexy dance with supple hands on “Before U Go”. Fans couldn’t keep their eyes off from their charm as mature men.

Toward the end, the concert unfolded with speed after “Break out”. Tohoshinki each rode on trolley around the venue during a medley of “We are” and “Summer Dream”. Fans never got bored since they threw signed frisbees and balls toward them as their service. Back to the main stage, finally climax had arrived. With the powerful performance using fireball and cannon, they finished through “Why?” and “Somebody to Love”.

Duo’s expression was refreshing as they completed the exciting stage as the final artists. Yunho said with a dignified presence “It was fun to become one as various artists. The star of a-nation is everybody who is here”. They gave a message “Tohoshinki will continue to do our best so please keep cheering it up until the end.” and famous “a-nation” fireworks were shot, then one of the biggest summer event which lasted four and half hours has ended.

Tohoshinki set list:
2. Superstar
4. STILL~Duet
5. Before U Go
7. ウィーアー!We are! ~Summer Dream
8. Why?
9. Somebody To Love

Source: mdpr.jp
Translated by: CTVXQstaff_Yumirin125 @ ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: ContinueTVXQ.com
Re-distributed by: eternally5



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