[NEWS] 120825 Park Yoo Chun Turns Shanghai Upside Down with His Arrival

Shanghai shook with the arrival of Park Yoo Chun.

Fans flooded the Pudong International Airport in Shanghai to see Park Yoo Chun arrive in China for his Asia fanmeeting on August 24.

The 1,500 fans gathered at the airport held up placards to support Park Yoo Chun and swarmed the VIP exit when he was found exiting through that route due to safety reasons.

Even after Park Yoo Chun had left, they stayed behind to shout, “I love you, Park Yoo Chun.”

Park Yoo Chun told enews on August 25, “I’m happy to be meeting with my fans in Shanghai for the first time in a long time. I want to spend a great time with you and share some precious memories.”

Park Yoo Chun’s Asia fanmeeting tour starts in Shanghai, and will continue through Shenzhen, Taiwan and Thailand.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment

Credit: enewsworld
Shared by: eternally5


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