[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “Wish to Sing On Television Broadcast” (Part 2)‏

Honestly, I did not listen to JYJ’s music frequently as I felt that it was the same as other idol groups, nothing unique. But after I watched JYJ’s concert, I suddenly felt, “It’s so wasteful that I’m watching this concert alone.”

Able to compose own songs, able to sing and dance with great balancing of both fortes, able to perfectly perform on stage. It really shocked me. Therefore I felt the pity for it. Regardless of the reason, unable to see JYJ on TV broadcast and thus unable to allow more people to enjoy their stage performances, I felt that this is not JYJ but the audience’s loss.

Therefore during the interview I had to ask Jaejoong this question… “It has been a long while that you are unable to sing in TV broadcast. What’s your feelings looking at other singers’ performances?”

Kim Jaejoong thought for a while and answered, “Wanting to step on stage?” I asked again, “Do you wish to perform in music programmes?” Kim Jaejoong answered, “Very.” “Only when chatting with other juniors that I realised that JYJ has became a very weird group. To juniors, we are the ‘rare’ seniors. As we are unable to appear on TV broadcast, juniors find it a rare chance to meet us. When they heard that JYJ has released an album, they would download our songs to listen.”

Though he was unable to appear on TV broadcast, he is still very concerned with the latest pop songs. “My manager likes to listen to SISTAR’s music and so I listened along. The songs were nice and SISTAR can sing well. As for male groups, I recently saw B2ST’s performance in Inkigayo and their new song is very great.”

Kim Jaejoong did not laze on his composing too. During the filming of ‘Dr Jin’, he did not forget to continue his composing works. Did he get any inspirations from ‘Dr Jin’ Kim Kyung Tak? Kim Jaejoong replied, “I wrote a lot of sad songs but I deleted all away. It was too depressing. I wrote too many sad songs.”

“In order for a new album next year, we are preparing now.” Till then, we can probably anticipate some changes to Kim Jaejoong and JYJ’s circumstances.

My thoughts. JYJ’s stage, it is really a waste, to be watching it alone.

Source: mydaily
Credits: JYJ FC Taiwan
Translation by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared by: DBSKnights + eternally5

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