[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “The Girlfriend Introduced Was Actually An Idol Group Killer” (Part 3 -End)‏

Kim Jaejoong with an impressive outlook, he was in fact very honest with lots of words. C-JeS’s manager was looking worriedly as he sat beside Kim Jaejoong while he talked. He wouldn’t say any words of formality and such a Kim Jaejoong is even more charismatic. It seems that there are still a lot of things that fans doesn’t know and he said it all out.

– Do you feel burdensome while filming with veteran actor Kim Eun Soo in MBC’s ‘Dr Jin’?

Burden? Totally not at all. Father treat me very well. Looking at father’s expression made me getting into the character very quickly. A lot of ad-lib expressions and lines were added naturally due to observations of father’s expressions.

– How is there so much saliva spilled during the crying scenes?

Haha, this was mentioned during the wrap-up party yesterday too. I did drooled a lot. That was a mixture of perspirations, saliva, tears and mucus. Ha~ There were many reasons. I did not sleep well for a few days at that time. I was not able to eat well and the filming site was so hot. While looking at father and injecting emotions into the scene, the feelings for father just exploded all at the same time and whatever that could flow out from the body flowed out! Haha

– You gave Kim Eun Soo a bottle of wine?

Because he loves wine. He said it during my first filming with him. He said, “If only there’s a cup of whiskey in such a hot weather.” Then I said, “I will treat you to a bottle next time.” Thus I prepared one and gave to father.

– Kim Eun Soo seems to like it a lot?

Father would not hide his likes usually. If he likes anything he would just say it out. Senior Kim Eun Soo used to be using a 2G handphone and kept saying that his handphone “has no reception, sigh… I was unable to contact you…” “Heard that someone wants to buy a handphone for me, I don’t know when~” He said this thrice to me and therefore I immediately went to buy a smartphone (for him). Though he did not say it to me but I heard that senior proudly said to others, “This is a smartphone~ 4G~” and browsed the net. He doesn’t know how to download applications so I downlaoded it for him.

– You seems to have enjoyed seniors’ accompany?

Seniors ever said this before, “Those who just started acting cannot be disliked by those who acted together.” I did not purposedly curry favours with the seniors. I think that this is basic courtesy. One should be on set beforehand for preparations. No lazying. No matter if I am able to act or not, I have to show others that I am working hard.

– Did Kim Eun Soo criticised your acting?

He wouldn’t do that. He respects every actors’ acting. If someone do not really know how to act, he would think that it was due to inexperience. He would make other actors’ acting stand out and would not say things like, “You can act like this~ You should act like this~”

– Everyone has been recommending Jin Yi Han and you for the Best Couple award?

It seems to be like that everytime. Contrary to be with actresses, I would be with male actors. Best couple? I will of course accept it thankfully.

– Your resemblance to Robert Pattinson?

Oh, I heard that before. Really? He is a westerner~ I’m an Asian. I don’t think so we look alike though.

– Compared to Park Yoochun, who acts better?

I am different with Yoochun. For Yoochun, he is strong within the gentleness. In Yoochun’s acting, you can find gentleness and strength. My looks are strong but I am more gentle in me. If Park Yoochun were to act as Kim Kyung Tak or for me to act as Lee Gak would be not suitable. Within the same group but with different features, I think it’s very good.

– Was it the handsome face?

No. It’s an unique face.

– Who is the most handsome?

Junsu is the most handsome. Actually there are a lot of fans in JYJ who has specific characteristics. It is a lot of difference between Junsu’s charm, Yoochun’s charma and mine. Junsu has everything of what I don’t have.

– So what’s your charm?

Erm… I think there’s two. If I were to go overseas, overseas fans would recognised me first, maybe my outlook is a bit special therefore would like me first. But in the end the fans who would stay by my side in the end would not because of my looks but because of my character. My outlook seems to say, “A rude chap” but in fact I am a pretty good youngster~

– What is Kim Jaejoong’s faith?

Probably the same as Kim Kyung Tak. I would do my best to protect what I want to protect. The tattoo on my chest, it wrote the meaning of keeping the faith. A person worries the most of one losing what he had, losing what he possessed. If I were to lose everything that I had, I would continue to keep my faith as I, too, am afraid of losing everything. So I tattooed it on myself. Everytime I felt weakened, I would look at my tattoo and be strong once again.

– Is there any wish you wish to attain?

None right now. But there are a lot I wish to challenge. I also enjoyed being under pressure. Everything I am challenging something I am enjoying it. Anything that is easy to get is not interesting.

– Acting and singing, which is more important?

This is tough choice. As I grow older, my voice would aged and at that time I would not be able to catch up with the music trend. But for acting, I am able to act as a middle-aged character when I am at that age. I am able to challenge characters of my age too. Therefore I would want to continue acting. I do not know what my music will become after 30 years but I probably would still be singing.

– Is there any directors that you want to collaborate with?

I like “A Moment To Remember” by Director Lee Jae Han a lot. I wrote a song because of that movie and that is Junsu’s No Gain. There’s a lyric in No Gain that says, “Because of my heart, my heart for you is diminishing” This was written after watching that movie.

– Your plans for army duties?

When it’s time to for it, I will go.

– Any other plans?

I would want to take on another drama before the year ends. And also being in love. Whoever that wants to introduce girlfriend to me, I would want to give it a try.

– Did anyone introduced girlfriend to you before?

Twice. But we did not end up together. It was later on that I learnt that the girl I knew was a idol group killer. She has been in relationships with many other male idol groups members. That girl is very pretty and very kind and rich. But I did not contact her after I learnt of her relationships with other guys. I did not meet up with her either. Friendship is important to me. She was even in relationships with my good friends before. My friends were cheated by her.

– So what’s your ideal type?

I don’t know. I should get to know more girls before I can know. As I do not just want to be dating, I wish to find someone who belonged to me. The kind of girl who can just belong to me. But I don’t want a girl like Young Rae (Dr Jin) but someone like Young Hwi who can take care of me. If only Young Hwi is a woman and not a friend~ I used to take note of girls’ looks when I was young but outlooks are really nothing. The person herself is more important.

Source: mydaily
Credits: JYJ FC Taiwan
Translation by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared by: DBSKnights + eternally5

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