[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong, “It Might Even Be Better If I Was Being Scolded” (Part 1)‏

This interview was divided into three parts. The first is about Kim Jaejoong’s acting, the second is about JYJ Kim Jaejoong while the third is about Kim Jaejoong himself.

The day that I met with Kim Jaejoong was on a very very hot day. It was the kind of weather where one would perspired as though it rained just from walking. Concluding all the filming for MBC’s ‘Dr Jin’ and removing the heavy historical drama’s outfit, Kim Jaejoong, the 26 year old youngster returned in short sleeved t-shirt.

Jaejoong’s first words were, “Hi everyone~ I am Kim Jaejoong”… Upon my first look at Kim Jaejoong, I thought, “His skin is so fair. Doesn’t he tan at all?”

To Kim Jaejoong, ‘Dr Jin’ is his first historical drama and he honestly spoke of his awkwardness and fear upon acting his first historical drama, “As it is my first time, I was very nervous and very afraid. I did not know what to do when it first started and was not confident with myself. The fear was so huge. If I did not acted well, I don’t know what might happened and that made me very insecure.”

It was not an easy character. Kim Kyung Tak who was dumped by his parents, friends and lover. Kim Jaejoong talked about this character. “Every other character has their own thinking. Prince Ha Eung is very ambitious, father Kim Byung Hee has a very huge wild scheme and the only thinking Kim Kyung Tak has is ‘to protect what belonged to me’. He doesn’t have any desire or ambition. While everyone is working hard for his own ambition, Kyung Tak just want to ‘protect’. Every other character is looking at their own world. Only Kyung Tak is looking at his own people.”

There were many tears involved too. “At first, I thought it was a cold-hearted character but towards the end, I kept crying. It was very tedious during filming and to cry out needs a lot of energy. It was very tiring. No matter if it was an acting or not, it was very heartbreaking and my body could not take it.”

Kyung Tak’s lines were too vocally harsh? Maybe it was the fear towards historical drama that made Kim Jaejoong sound unnatural.

“How should I act for this character in the historical drama? How should I adjust my tone? I really don’t know anything about the actions and way of speaking. Since it is a military officer and everyone said he has to be handsome so I filmed the first half of the drama thinking about being handsome. My mind was completely blank towards historical drama, ‘Must be strong and have to look handsome.’ That’s my only thoughts. Then I watched my own acting and then decided, ‘To remove these and to inject new things into the character.’”

Kim Jaejoong also honesty talked about the stuffs idol singers weren’t able to let go while acting. The stage of a singer is different from acting of a actor. This is a fact Kim Jaejoong knew from long ago.

“I know I have to let go of myself but maybe I was not able to do it at first, as I did not debut as an actor. Therefore I would not have let go of myself so well in acting. For example, ‘To myself look handsome’, this thought kept bothered me. Actually I would be more handsome if I let go of myself and be indulged into the acting. I didn’t know this at first.”

In fact he has yet to let go of himself during ‘Protect The Boss’ and am regretful upon thinking of it now. “Letting go of what I am, it was a trouble for singer-turned-actor. On stage, one has to display the most handsome and most perfect self in order for audience to be satisfied. But not for acting. One has to let go of themselves and display the inner side of them. It is really difficult. It is very easy to change one’s shortcoming but to put down one’s merit and indulged in acting, it’s difficult. The more you are able to let go of yourself, the easier you are able to get into your character. Therefore in the future, I will have to let go of myself frequently in future.”

Some would compliment Jaejoong’s acting while some veteran actors would said, “You can’t keep on complimenting.” To this, Jaejoong agreed. “It might be better at ease if I was being scolded. Some would criticised my acting based on my looks. So I will work even harder and show my better self to those people.”

Observing his own acting objectively and acknowledging his shortcomings was not an easy thing. Therefore Kim Jaejoong’s braveness left me a deep impression. “How could I grade my own acting?” Jaejoong said. “I just wish everyone to acknowledge my improved self.”

Then he relayed his little wish for acting. “It need not be the lead actor but if I am able to act in different variety of characters, even if it is a supporting actor, I’m okay with it. I also wish to work on acting. I only know how to sing and dance in the presence of audience but now I wish to challenge acting in the presence of audience.”

Source: mydaily
Credits: JYJ FC Taiwan
Translation by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared by: DBSKnights + eternally5

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