[TRANS] 120805 “Dr. Jin” Staff Account Related to Jaejoong and The Upcoming Wrap-up Party

Dr. Jin staff (@eotjqrns) commented on his post in DC Dr. Jin Gallery:

I was happy being a staff of Dr. Jin. I set the ringtone and answer tone of my cell phone as Jaejoongie-hyung’s OST, which means that I grew attached to this drama so much. haha. The relationship between Kim EungSu (as KyungTak’s Father) and Jaejoong is very close and he even kindly taught Jaejoong acting skills. You can check the pictures of Dr. Jin crew’s wrap-up party, I’ll upload them via twitter later tonight. We have finished filming Dr. Jin already. The wrap-up party starts 2 hours later and I think Jaejoongie-hyung surely attends because yesterday he told me ‘see you tomorrow’~

Source: Dr. Jin DC Gall
Translation by: 126×204
Shared by: JYJ3 + eternally5


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