[OTHER TWITTER] 120721 Jaejoong’s Sisters Twitter + Mr. Egg Facebook Update (Related to Jaejoong’s Injury)


[TRANS] After an hours it’s Dr. Jin. Please do watch it a lot


[TRANS] Today Dr. Jin there were a lot of twists. Tomorrow as well please do watch it a lot.


[TRANS] TT Today I was to meet up with Jjoongie but… Jjoongie ah…. you are not hurt badly right?? I’m worried….. huuu….
(T/N: This tweet has been deleted & mentioned as wrongly sent)

—– John Egg’s Facebook —–


Note Related to Jaejoong’s sister Kim Su Young Twitter Update: Today Jaejoong got injured. He fell down from the 5th floor directly to the 3rd floor while filming Jackal. Two assistants weren’t able to hold the wire. But still he laughed out after lying still on the ground for minutes and smiled (because he knew fans were watching at him and he didn’t want fans to be worried about him)

Source: kkjj4 + Shie486 + John Egg Facebook
Translation by: neonoenjena
Shared by: JYJ3 + eternally5





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