[VIDEO] 120709 Tohoshinki on Hey!Hey!Hey!

TRANS] The commedian ask what do they think of him now that they meet. Yunho answer that he doesn’t look as ‘wild’ as he thought he’d be.

[TRANS] Tohoshinki finally arrive! Matsumoto-san told them to come quick. The comedian yell out that he had brought Tohoshinki there like he said he would

[TRANS] Changmin said he had first met with SNSD during his high school year and that they (SNSD) were in middle or elementary(?) school. Changmin continue to say that Seohyun, the youngest, was now old enough to drink alcohol (indicating how much time have pass).
Yunho said that she have grown into an attractive woman

Credits: yukichitvxq + Greencaramelful + onyumaaaaa + yinyuetai
Translation by: evy901
Shared by: DBSKnights + eternally5


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