[NEWS] TVXQ’s Yunho and Park Soo Jin spotted attending a musical together

Recently, the cameras of Sports Seoul caught longtime friends TVXQ‘s Yunho and actress Park Soo Jin attending the musical of a mutual friend together.

As fellow ’85 Club’ friends, the two have been friends since their pre-debut days for ten long years. The two headed out to Kangbuk to see the musical of Yunho’s close friend Kang Dong Ho, who’s currently playing the lead in ‘Searching for Kim Jong Wook‘. Yunho and Kang Dong Ho met through their 2010 musical ‘Goong‘ and have maintained their friendship ever since.

Before the musical was about to start, cameras spotted Yunho and Park Soo Jin getting out of the same white van together. As they’re already well known for being close friends, no one thought twice about them attending the musical together.

Yunho picked up the tickets for Park Soo Jin and himself and the two headed in to find their seats. The audience briefly murmured upon their arrival but quieted down once the lights shut off, signaling that the show was about to start.

The musical itself was a hit with the crowd, as Kang Dong Ho put on a special ‘adlib dance’ mid-performance for Yunho.

Yunho cheered him on proudly, not giving a care for his Hallyu star image.

After the musical, the two slipped out through the emergency exit.

Check out some of the photos from their outing below!

Source + Photos: Sports Seoul via Nate+allkpop
Shared by: DBSK_WORLDWIDE + eternally5


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