[FANACCOUNT] Fan got trolled by Jung Yunho AKA U-Know Yunho of TVXQ!

Me and my friend Sharin decided to study for finals in Cheongdam, a famously expensive and ritzy area of Seoul. We went to a café called Monday to Sunday where we just got coffee and studied. We had been there for about an hour or so when three guys came and sat at the table next to ours.

I naturally just sort of looked over at them and made eye contact with this one REALLY hot guy who smiled at me while his friends were talking. All I really thought was shiz this guy is really good-looking, but that was sort of to be expected in Cheongdam since it’s sort of known for being a place where attractive youngsters hang out. We made eye contact a couple more times and I sort of snuck some looks on my own too and I started thinking, woah this guy actually really looks like Yunho from TVXQ…but what are the odds, there’s definitely no way that it’s him. But the more I looked the more I was convinced. At that point I messaged Sharin who was right across from me, and said “Dude…I think the guy sitting next to us in the hat is U-Know Yunho…” After Sharin looked she was like “Wait he REALLY looks like him.” We weren’t positive that it was him until he called the waiter over and immediately we recognized his voice and was like YEP THAT’S YUNHO ALRIGHT.

We didn’t want to bother him, especially since he was with all of his friends and everyone else in the café was being really cool about it and not taking pictures or talking to him or anything. Needless to say though that we got nothing else accomplished after he got there. Eventually, we left at the same time and Yunho and all of his friends were just sort of chilling outside the entrance and we walked by and once we got on the street me and Sharin discussed whether we should try to get a picture or something. His friends all disbanded to their different cars and eventually it was just him and who I’m pretty sure was his manager walking down the street towards us. I made a snap decision to just saddle up and go for it, so I sort of walked towards him and this is how it went down:

Me: “아……..저기요…”

Yunho: “갸~! 깜짝이! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

Me: “ㅋㅋㅋ…혹시 윤호 씨 맞죠?”

Yunho: “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아니예요…”

Me: “아, 최송해요, 안녕히가세요!”

Yunho: “ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 네~ 잘 가요!”

…which basically translates to:

Me: “ummm…excuse me…”

Yunho: “ACK! Surprise! Hehehehehe” (at the fact that I’m obviously not Korean but could speak it)

Me: “Hehehe…by chance are you Yunho?”

Yunho: “Heheheheheheehe no….”

Me: “Ahhhh sorry, goodbye then!” (Really formal way of speaking)

Yunho: “Hehehehe yeeeaahhhhh, see ya!” (Really friendly/casual way of speaking)

We were passing each other on the street so it was pretty short, but it was still pretty cool. It was funny because he knew that I knew that he actually was Yunho which was why he was like giggling the whole time and I mean let’s face it people, he was straight up trolling me. But whatever it was still pretty cool because most of the times celebrities either just ignore people or are rude so it was cool that he joked around and was nice about it. Either way I got to talk to the hottest man on the Korean peninsula so no complaints here.

Credit: Hannah Waitt via yunho_uknow
Shared by: DBSK_WORLDWIDE + eternally5


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