[TWITTER UPDATE] 120612 Jaejoong Twitter Update

[TRANS] Sob sob pic.twitter.com/0JGgGMj4

[TRANS] Doing lip exercises http://pic.twitter.com/R5LXLREB

[TRANS] I think I’m going crazy from being too tired. A 27 year old’s V! pic.twitter.com/lioDYtAl

[TRANS] Hwaittang~V (it’s originally 화이팅=hwaiting=fighting but he changed it in a cuter way)

[TRANS] Time to eat medicine ( i _ i )

***Jaejoong filming Jackal today ~ Oppa Hwaiting! ^^



Source: mjjeje
Translation by: _alovelikewar + 126×204
Shared By: JYJ3 + eternally5


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