[TWITTER UPDATE] 120609 JYJ Twitter Update!

Jaejoong’ tweets:


Jaejoong to Junsu: But Junsu-ya, I’m too haguard now..ㅜ

Jaejoong mention to himself: @mjjeje Jaejoong-ah.. It’s… haggard.. (T/N: 초췌. Jaejoong typed 초최 in previous tweet)

[TRANS] Tonight at 9:55pm, Doctor Jin !! http://t.co/2gtRYOnp

Junsu’ tweets:

[TRANS] It’s been a while~!!ㅎ

[TRANS] Awkward smile…ㅎ

Yoochun’ tweet:

[TRANS] A movie that makes me reflect on my present self~ Forest of Time

Source: mjjeje + 1216thexiahtic + 6002theMicky
Translation by: joejjang + AllRiseXiahtic + naemaeum
Shared by: eternally5


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