[Fanaccount] 120605 Yoochun at Ngurah Rai Airport Bali

[TRANS-ENG/Fanaccount] Yoochun at Ngurah Rai Airport Bali (05-06-2012)
by Riri Jaejoong Yunjae (facebook)

I don’t know where to start. But, I want to say that I went to the airport, the total number of my group is 8 people. Diana eonnie, Icha eonnie, Dayu, Fanny eonnie, Sili Eonie, Novita eonie, Nana and I, then met with Erna Eonni. I arrived at the airport around 9 pm * forget the exact time *. Diana eonnie, Dayu and I feel confused at first * we went together and arrived the first*, because there is information that the airplane will transit in Jakarta. We all thought to determine the international or domestic path to be selected. We end up choosing international path. When we got there, we asked about the Korean flight departure information, what’s the time, use transit or not. Finally, we found the answer that there will be no transit and depart at 1:20, then we waited for our group to come. Thanks to Icha eonnie’s friend who has given us information if there is passenger named “Park Yeochon”. It is said that the flight departed at 01:25, the lastest check-in at 12:00 pm and the fastest at 11pm.

During the waiting period (?), we stand by to see car stopped at the check-in door, since there are 4 doors to check-in, we divided the task, ahahahaa.. But unfortunately, we didn’t see that Yoochun went into the door 1 – When we saw a bunch of people running, I stepped forward first “That’s him”. Finally, we get into (the airport?),
When looking at Yoochun in front of my eyes, I was speechless. HE IS SO DAMN HANDSOME! I saw Fanny eonnie ran to him, and I followed her. The distance between me and Yoochun just 1 m > .. < Fanny eonnie nearly touching Yoochun >. <

Yoochun has very cool style > .. < smooth skin, and bright doesn’t like his staff #eh. He wore sunglasses, a blue shirt, jeans and don’t forget, flip-flops. We shouted his name : D and “Saengil Chukkhae hamnida” we said in unison.. He bowed to us and said thank you >///<
Then I took pictures until a woman wearing pink jacket touched my camera == “no pic please”. Aiissh, but it didn’t make me and the others surrendered. We’re Cassiopeia that Always Keep The Faith. We were pursuing. Nana would like to give the gift to Yoochun at the time, his staff confused when she gave the bag. “Gift for Yoochun Oppa”. Finally, he nodded and took it.We hope it gets to Yoochun’s hand. Finally, Yoochun and staff to get into ( the building?? ), we could only take pictures from outside >. < but really.. he is real Park Yoochun!

And then, I said “Say Hello for Jaejoong ==” confidently. staff wearing green saw that, lol. We all shouted “Oppa saranghaeyooo!” “Oppa Always Keep The Faith!” Finally, around 11 pm, Yoochun went upstairs to wait for the plane take off. We waved hand to him and he, he, HE RESPONDED WITH WAVING HIS HAND TO US AND SMILE
> ..<
We all shouted, until we got reprimanded by the airport staff. and when Yoochun was not seen (?), we all fell silent. We’re lying (?) in the airport floor while looking at the pictures and updated status. _. . Dayu was crying. _.
And it all came to an end: D.

AN: I apologize representing @ Cassiopeia_Bali ‘s admin and others. We actually already knew where Yoochun stayed, and when he would return to Korea. … We deliberately gave Yoochun privacy, so he would enjoy the holiday and wasn’t bothered. Honestly, as an admin of Cassiopeia_Bali, just stalked for the first time and it failed . _. until we knew Yoochun’s c /o schedule at Villa where he lived. And we decided to go to the airport last night: D.

*sorry for grammatical errors and any mistakes, English is not my first language and this fanaccount using lots of Indonesian slang words , so some words are difficult to translate into English..
u can read the original written in Bahasa Indonesia, here:

*translated by Cassiella Debeeska (벨라_ @debeeska@herokkokiri )

Source: Riri Jaejoong Yunjae on facebook
Translation by: Cassiella Debeeska (벨라_ @debeeska@herokkokiri )
Shared by; eternally5

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