[TRANS] 120604 Park Yoochun, “Lee Gak Loves Park Ha, Not Han Jimin”

On 29 May, Park Yoochun (26), who was meeting us at a western restaurant in the Chungro district, Seoul, had arrived earlier than the scheduled time, but had been waiting in the car. The reason for this : No matter what, it is rude to appear before the scheduled time. During the interview, he maintained an earnest expression, and made a strong distinction between the times where he laughed and was serious.

To create a lighter atmosphere, I said, “If it’s more comfortable for you to speak in Joseon period speech, please feel free to do so,” and he replied, “Actually, when I am leaving a video message in front of the camera, I unconsciously start speaking in period drama terms.” He said, “Although I try very hard to avoid using speech from the period dramas, it seems to be having an reverse effect.” “Let time solve this issue.” His firm and earnest image is really similar to that of his SBS drama “Rooftop Prince” character, the Joseon dynasty’s Lee Gak. His occasionally unfocused look, and his eyes that seem to be trying to suppress a smile, are all similar to his drama character.

Park Yoochun has yet to break away from his drama role. “I feel that this drama and I are really compatible. It was easy to get into character, and it was even to a point where there was no burden in playing the role of Lee Gak. This is the first time I really managed to become the character when filming.”

His commitment to the drama has resulted in a great success. Park Yoochun plays the role of Joseon Crown Prince Lee Gak, the Lee Gak that travels into the future to uncover the truth behind the Crown Princess’s murder, as well as his reincarnation Yong Tae Yong, three different roles. It was not only the fans, but professionals have been praising him highly for his acting skills, and even his co-actors feel that “The singer Park Yoochun seems more of a stranger.” When asked about his secret of getting into character, he said, “It’s because I enjoyed it. Although this answer sounds a bit ludicrous, but there is no other way to explain it. “ “The first time I flipped this script open, I did not stop reading until even past the 2nd and 3rd episodes. It was really great. After shooting started, I didn’t want to miss a single scene so I read the script countless times.”

Proof of this was revealed via a photo of Park Yoochun holding his script that was uploaded onto an online BBS in April. A fan-taken photo showed that Park Yoochun’s script was obviously weathered due to countless readings. Now that he has found the joys of acting, he has learnt to enjoy the shooting process. This is something that he did not experience in MBC’s “Miss Ripley.”

During the “Miss Ripley” shoot, I was working more seriously than anyone, and was really suffering due to the mentality of having to force myself to do even better. The burden made it hard for me to express myself freely. However, with the filming of “Rooftop Prince,” I really liked the role, and didn’t force myself to grapple with those feelings, and tears flowed naturally during the sad scenes.

If you say that in “Miss Ripley” he was the “hard worker” then in “Rooftop Prince” he is the “one who enjoyed it”. He maintained this earnest attitude throughout the entire interview, and when asked a light question, “You seem to be really compatible with co-star Han Jimin, even in real life. What do you think about this?” Park Yoochun replied, “Lee Gak loves Park Ha (played by Han Jimin), not Han Jimin,” giving a logical conclusion to this. He then pleaded with us “I hope that you don’t write this in a way that causes Jimin noona to misunderstand” with an earnest face, that makes it hard for us not to comply. This image is the essence of the “comedic aspects” to Lee Gak.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Munhwa.com]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net
Re-shared by; eternally5

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