[PICS + TRANS] 120606 Compilation of Tweets from JYJ NII Fanmeeting

The Venue












1.- Fans who wears the same clothes as JYJ will get a present. Jaejoong will give a hug, Yoochun-a back hug, Junsu-take a picture together.
2.- Jae and Chun had sunglasses on.
3.- Fans who wore the same t-shirt as JYJ were 6 people…LUCKY!!!
4.- The girl who wore the same t-shirt as Yoochun was only one girl, so he hugged her for a long time…

5.- 2 fans got to hug Junsu and took a picture while hugging.

6.- JJ gave a hug to 3 fans.

7.- A person was selected and the whole line gets two shake hands with JYJ.
8.- She thinks that among all NII FM, the three of them looks exceptionally handsome in this FM.

Q Time:
1.- Is Yoochun’s hairstlye due to a new project?
A: That’s a secret but maybe there’ll be a good news soon.

2- When does JJ think he is handsome?
A:  JJ said when he is wet after workout

1.- Jaejoong acted as an interpreter. He said those in skirt, please sit down, those with a ring please stand up etc.  during the game time.

Yoochun QA Game
1.- Wear short pants
2.- Wear ear rings
3.- In a sneakers
Present: Two fans survived and both got a hug from him. One of them got the lotion Yoochun is using with a signature.

Jaejoong QA Game and he asked everything in Japanese.
1.- Married?
2.- Have childrens?
3.- Child’s birthday is from January 20-30.
Present: a signed perfume.

Junsu QA Game (he talked in Japanese):
1.- I’m not wearing make-up.
2.- Born in December.
3.- Had their nails done.
Present: a hug and a signed lotion.

NII talks:

– About a NEW PenzalQ cf; they also felt so embarrassed! JS said it was the most shameful moment since their debut (Via: @jyjholic2010)
– When they filmed Nintendo CF, they were just playing games for 5-6 hours. (Via: @jyjholic2010)
– YC said JS couldn’t concentrate for NII filming because there’s an actress beside him.
– YC wanted to start telling a story, and started to say “Junsu was…”
and Junsu looked over to YC and said “Wae?”…The look on Junsu’s face was really cute and YC’s smile was really beautiful.
– JJ said that junsu blushes every time he has skinship.
– JJ said that JYJ don’t wear shoes insoles coz they don’t need that. They are tall enough. (via: @rubypurple_fan)
– JJ needs to go back to shooting after the event. (Via: @rubypurple_fan)
– Yoochun said “I haven’t seen JJ and JS in awhile. I’m really happy to meet them after a long time.”.  (via: @rubypurple_fan)

Source: Gemini0604, Other Twitters
Pics Credit: As tagged, babylove_jyj, JYJ_kOs, jyjholic2010, shihoxtuti, purples33, yakamoz109, JerrySama
Translation by: Helly of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Re-shared by: eternally5


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