[TWITTER UPDATE] 120606 Jaejoong Twitter Update

***** eternally5 *****

>///< Justnow………..i’m thinkin about Jaejoong why he didn’t join the conversation toghether with Yoosu. And…………..he’s tweeting now!! kyaaaa~ Jae’s my destiny for sure, huh?! kekeke xD It seem the two of us (me and Jae) have mind ties~ ( ^ .^ * ) HAHAHAHA! *goin’ crazy* 

[TRANS] Jaejoong to Junsu & Yoochun: We’re meeting tomorrow ~ ke

[TRANS] I found this using the internet! http://pic.twitter.com/wv0nNsGz 

Source: mjjeje
Translation by: _alovelikewar
Shared by: eternally5


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