[TWITTER UPDATE] 120531 – 120504 JYJ Twitter Update!

Junsu twitter update:

[TRANS] Yoochun-ah happy birthday!!!>•<

[TRANS] I am sincerely thankful to all the fans who gave me support..^^ I’m thankful for the Popularity award, and it’s all thanks to you guys that I could be nominated for the Best Actor award with the best actors and actresses two years in a row within these three short years..^^ I am sincerely thankful and I love you all. 
[TRANS] Also, Seung Woo Hyung~ Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!! Ah and congratulations to the 9 wins for Elisabeth!
[TRANS] Also, I appeared on broadcast today..^^hehe And it’s through musical too…I was happy.

[TRANS] I was too happy today^^ 

[TRANS] In today’s rehearsal…photo by Joohyun-noona^^ 

 Jaejoong twitter update:

[TRANS] Ah…Today… I feel sluggish. ( ̄ー ̄)

[TRANS] Eh! It’s not “narui”, but “darui”! It’s dangerous…If you don’t use a language you’ll forget it.…(T_T)

[TRANS] When I have time, I would like to try to talk to my Japanese friends on the phone after a long time! The level of my Japanese…it’s probably that of a 5 year old…

[TRANS] Oi oi~ Even if you guys say “Give me a call~”, I don’t know all your phone numbers! Haha

[TRANS] @6002theMicky It was last year~^^
[TRANS] @6002theMicky Ouch my stomach~keke (T/N => this expression is usually used for laughing hard.)

[TRANS] I am still an amateur at the art called life. There’s still a lot that I need to learn. I’ll work harder!

[TRANS] Everyone took on different paths, and may have their own goals. Even if from now on,the path waiting for me is 10 times harder than it is now, I have the confidence to overcome it! If you all are with me.

Yoochun twitter update:

[TRANS] Hehehe I wanted to sleep and was lying down when~the messages came in non-stop and shocked me~^^Really thank you~!!!^^ Hehe

[TRANS] HOOHA~~~~  http://yfrog.com/nx1kapp

[TRANS] So it’s summer….^^ http://yfrog.com/g0nvikp 

[TRANS] the oil of tiger~ a lot~  http://yfrog.com/esbs7dp (T/N: I think he want to say he has a greasy face) 

[TRANS] Butterfly cloud…^^  http://yfrog.com/oef60xp


@1215thexiahtic Hey!!! Jaejoong-hyung gave me a phone call!!!! – In reply to- Junsu: Yoochun Happy birthday to you!!!>•<

@1215thexiahtic Nevertheless, thanks~^^♥

Source: 1215thexiahtic + mjjeje + 6002theMicky
Translation by: theyoungestmin + 126×204 (Jeneration)+ hellyryther + _alovelikewar
Shared by: PrinceJJ + JYJ3 + eternally5


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