[TWITTER UPDATE] 120604 Yoochun’s Tweets on his Birthday!



Kim Sohyun to Yoochun: Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart^^~!! I’ll be anticipating for your splendid photoshoot~

Yoochun to Kim Sohyun: Happy Birthday~^^Our birthdays fall on the same day~This is something~more better~Congratulation^^


[TRANS] Yoochun: Hehehe I wanted to sleep and was lying down when~the messages came in non-stop and shocked me~^^Really thank you~!!!^^ Hehe


[TRANS] Yoochun to Beyondmonica: Then noona (older sister) has to drink wine as punishment^^


[TRANS] sukwon7123 to Yoochun: Yoochun-ah Happy Birthday. It’s really a pity we can’t celebrate it together. Let’s see each other soon^^  (T/N: sukwon7123 played the Blue ranger character in Rooftop Prince)

Yoochun to sukwon7123: Hehehe thank you~^^ Do well in your shooting and come back

[TRANS] Lee Minho to Yoochun: Hyung happy birthday~Keke We’re all together~It’s really a pity we can’t celebrate togetherㅠ (T/N: Lee Minho played the Green Ranger character in Rooftop Prince)

[TRANS] Junsu to Yoochun:  Yoochun Happy birthday to you!!!>•<


[TRANS] Yoochun to Cha Oh Reum: ㅎThank you~^^ I had a sound sleep yesterday^^


[TRANS] Yoochun to zosun_hi: Noona~Thank you~^^Present!!


[TRANS] Yoochun to heartj126: Twa~~~ah~~~Thank you


[TRANS] Yoochun to Mr. Egg: Hehe thank you^^When will we meet?? (tears)


[TRANS] Yoochun to Choi him chan: ^^You did it~


[TRANS] sukwon7123 to Yoochun: Yoochun-ah We prepared this for you, accept it. Kekekekekekekekeke Photobucket


Yoochun to sukwon7123: I’m completely touched^^Really~~~^^Thank you~Love~!!!


Lee Tae Sung to Yoochun: 6002′s birthday!!!!! Ha’s Bakery (cake) (T/N: I think he is referring to Park Ha)

Source: 6002themicky + 1215thexiahtic
Translated by: naemaeum + theyoungestmin
Shared by: JYJ3 
Re-shared by: eternally5


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