[TWITTER UPDATE] 120526 – 120529 Junsu & Yoochun Twitter Update

Junsu twitter update:






Yoochun twitter update: 


[Trans]: If I could hold your hand… and be with you… at least once while living… I will go visit you again to show you the drama



Yoochun to motoro100: Dear ChangJu hyung~ so you have started this*^^ hehehe
(T/N: referring to start of using twitter*; Baek ChangJu is CJeS CEO)

motoro100 to Yoochun: You’re the last to know…I just came back from meeting and you have ended your work well tooㅎWhat’re you doing Chun-ah Are you doing what we have talked about  lol

Yoochun to motoro100: Hehehe yes~^^ My emotions are exploding!!!!!


Steve Kim: Speechless speechless……

Yoochun to Steve Kim: Why????

Steve Kim to Yoochun:  Kekekekeke I have to go for my reservist training tomorrow ㅠ

Yoochun to Steve Kim: Don’t lie to me…I know there is something else

Steve Kim to Yoochun:  Keke really hyung, faster go rest, for tomorrow!!

Yoochun to Steve Kim: Good night~^^

[TRANS] Yuchun: Hehehe Taesungie hyung and Minsu hyung~~ We enjoyed ourselves a lot~ Drunken Yuchun mentally-tired Yuchun ^^ We had that kind of relationship???  http://yfrog.com/h26lngij


Taesung to Yuchun: Yoochun ah…It’s the long-distance effect…I was more than 20cm away from you…Because I wanted to protect the you who already passed out…

Yuchun to Taesung:  Hmm~~~Hyung protect me

Taesung to Yuchun:  In future I will protect you if you passed out~^^Do not worry Yong Tae Moo……………Ehahahaha

Yuchun to Taesung: Yong Tae Moo you this bastard…Where’s Park Ha???

Taesung to Yuchun: You still have not leave?…Park Ha…I am feeling sorry towards Park Ha…Sigh…

Yuchun to Taesung: Even after 300 years have passed, I will love you.

Taesung to Yuchun: Me? If not, Park Ha? ke

Yuchun to Taesung: My younger sibling Yuhwanie~~^^♥ 

Taesung to Yuchun: Then…Secretary Hong for me.

Yuchun to Taesung: Bingung (Crown princess)~~~~~~~ Two bowls of Jjajangmyeon~!!! 

Taesung to Yuchun: Absurd…

Yuchun to Taesung: Oh ho~~~!!! How dare you!! You are inadequate! 

Taesung to Yuchun: Sleep well~My dongsaeng~ Live tomorrow with excitement too!!!

Yuchun to Taesung: Tears turn into happiness ^^


Jung Gun Young to Yoochun: Are you having fun?

Yoochun to Jung Gun Young: Living my life together with happiness and sadness seems to be a happy thing….^^I want to smile a lot!!


Jung Gun Young to Yoochun:  
Laugh (smile) all you can you this fellow!! If you laugh, luck will come along too right~!!!!!!!!!!! Make me laugh tooㅜㅜI want to receive some luck..

Yoochun to Jung Gun Young: Hyung~laugh^^ twa~ah ^__________^



Yoochun to motoro100: Hyung~~~ good morning^___________^ 
(T/N: In response to motoro100 reply -10hr ago- to mykim3130 to sleep well, have good dreams, and see him tomorrow)



Yoochun to motoro100: Yesterday already~ came up* with one song^^
(T/N: *direct translation~ put together to create a song)



Yoochun to motoro100: Ok^^
(T/N: In response to motoro100 saying so fast and he will be there after the meeting ends)

Source: 1215thexiahtic + 6002theMicky
Translation by: neonoenjena +_alovelikewar + naemaeum + 6004theSheena
Credits: JYJ3
Shared by: eternally5


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