[TWITTER UPDATE] 120525 Yoochun Twitter Update


[TRANS]: Thank you~ ^^ Do your tour well!! You are the best!!

(in reply to Junsu’s tweet):

[TRANS]: Yoochun-ah during that time you have worked hard…^^ For a while please get a good rest…! Your highness…;;


[TRANS]: Today’s filming has ended too~^^!!!



[TRANS]: Lee Gak, you are the first drama character that I had expectations for… I will miss you…Goodbye.


[TRANS]: Ah!! And previously I said that I thought you, Gak-ie, are quite the player. Cancel that…Cancel!! ^^ Thank you~

= Updated =


[TRANS SUMMARY]: Yoochun has worked hard having to memorize lines, no sleep, enduring the heat during the day and cold during night


[TRANS]: hehe you as well have worked hard~^^ hehe Let’s try to be more tired during next piece of work
(T/N: That was a direct trans; he meant let’s challenge ourselves more.)

[TRANS]: Will never forget…
(T/N: In response to @woosiq’s same comment)


Source: 6002theMicky + 1215thexiahtic + woosiq + jihye5555
Translated By: _alovelikewar + neonoenjena
Shared By: JYJ3
Re-shared by: eternally5

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